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Pentax Forums News: Page 101

Pentax K-z: K-r successor?

Rumors are Heating Up · 03-20-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors

Our colleagues over at Photo Rumors have posted what they claim to be a blurred-out photo of the successor to the K-r. All we know is that it's name also starts with "K-" (and might end with a z), and, like its predecessors, its colors will be highly customizable, perhaps to an even larger degree than was the case with the K-r.  You can read more about this on the forum, and view the leaked image.

What we're pretty sure about here at PentaxForums is that the K-r successor will have a 100% viewfinder like the K-5/k-7 have, as Pentax has promised this feature for all future DSLRs. We would speculate that the new camera will inherit the great movie mode capabilities of the newly released Pentax K-01 as well as the improved contrast detect auto-focus for use in live view.

We expect to hear more about the K-r's successor when we get closer to the summertime, whereas we will have to wait until the fall to hear details about the successor to the K-5.

To learn more about the current K-r, visit our camera database.

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

Free Marketplace Access & Added Photo Space

whenever you buy a new Pentax camera from B&H or Adorama · 03-19-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax-Related News

We've recently teamed up with our partners to bring you a very special offer for the coming two months - through May 31st!

As you may know, Pentax recently released the K-01 mirrorless camera, and they've also announced 7 new lenses for their K-mount, Q-mount, and medium format systems.  It's also inevitable new DSLRs are on their way later this year, and now with Ricoh on board, it seems that Pentax may have quite a promising future!

In order to help promote PENTAX cameras, we've set up a special offer only for our members.  If you buy any Pentax DSLR or mirrorless camera from our US-based retails partners, B&H Photo or Adorama camera, we will upgrade your forum account with one full year of free marketplace (classifieds) selling access as well as increased photo space.  We will also hold a drawing and one lucky winner will receive a remote control F for their new camera!

The cameras that quality for this offer include the Pentax K-5 (with a $300 instant rebate through 3/31):

the Pentax K-5 Silver Edition (first-come, first-served in extremely limited quantity):

the new Pentax K-01:

and the Pentax Q (with a $100 instant rebate through 3/31):

Read on for details on how to redeem your account upgrade on!

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Impact Light Stand/Reflector Holder Review

Using the 5-in-1 reflector · 03-18-2012 · By PF Staff in Reviews

We have just posted a review of two handy and affordable lighting products by Impact: the Light Stand/Reflector Holder and the (big) 5-in-1 Reflector.  One of our members goes hands-on with these products and shows you how they can be used, what they're good at, and what they're missing.

Continue Reading the Review

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New Sigma 180mm F2.8 Macro

Lens for Pentax · 03-17-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax-Related News

Sigma has recently announced a 180mm F2.8 APO Macro EX DG OS HSM macro lens on their web site, and initial reports as well as retailer listings suggest that the lens will actually be available in the Pentax mount (unlike the 105mm HSM and 150mm lenses).  This would make it the longest available macro lens for Pentax, just a little shy of the legendary Pentax 200mm F4 Macro which was discontinued in 2004.

For now, we have posted the specifications of the Sigma 180mm in our third-party lens database.  In the database, you can also browse other lens offerings for Pentax, as the Sigma lineup is quite extensive!

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Topaz Labs: St. Patrick's Day 30% Off

All products through 3/18 · 03-16-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax Deals

To celebrate St. Patrick's Dat, Topaz Labs, maker of some of our favorite image enhacement products, is offering 30% off all their products through this Sunday, March 18th!  Topaz products plug in to your favorite photo editing programs (such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture) in order to further enhance features such as noise reductiona and black-and-white conversion.

In order to apply this discount:

  • Add any product to your cart at the Topaz Store
  • Type in the coupon code TopazGold at checkout

After the discount, some products can be had for as little at $21, or you can buy the Topaz Budle (which contains all 11 Topaz plug-ins valued at $550) for just $210.  We hope you enjoy this discount while it lasts!

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Pentax 645D Unrestricted Online Ordering

"Call to order" restriction lifted- now available online! · 03-15-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax News

Earlier this week, Pentax finally lifted the online ordering restriction on Pentax 645D medium format camera in the US.  Until now, you had to phone in to place your order, as for some reason, Pentax did not want any online order to be accepted outside of their own web store.  Now, you can order the 645D online at the retailer of your choosing!

The same goes for the 55mm kit lens as well as the upcoming (in the US) 25mm F4 ultra-wide lens.

To learn more about the 645D, you may be interested in reading our in-depth Pentax 645D review, which also compares its performance and purpose to that of a professional full-frame DSLR, the Nikon D3x.

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Pentax K-5 Limited Silver Now Available

in extremely limited quality · 03-14-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax News

Two weeks ago, Pentax announced another limited silver edition of the K-5, which comes with a special silver version of the new DA 40mm F2.8 XS lens launched alongside the K-01 mirrorless camera.

The silver K-5 camera is now available for pre-order on a first-come, first served basis at B&H photo and Adorama, two of the few US retailers that manage to stock nearly all Pentax products.  You can also order the camera directly from the Pentax web store. Only a handful of these cameras will be sold in the US- we believe it will be in the very low 100's, so get your orders in now if you want this!

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Pentax Optio VS20 Available

Now in stock in the US · 03-13-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax-Related News

The Pentax Optio VS20, announced in January, has just hit the shelves in the United States!  Available at its MSRP of $249, this innovative camera features a shutter release button on the side as well as a 20x zoom lens for telephoto shooting.

Full VS20 Specifications | Buy Now

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