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Pentax K-01 Unveiling Countdown

Be the first to learn about Pentax's new camera! · Posted on 01-31-2012 in Pentax News

View the official photos, specifications, and highlights of the rumored Pentax K-01 K-mount mirrorless camera.

(Countdown timer requires JavaScript).

Until then, you may dwell on the K-01 rumors on the forum.

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 $75 Rebate

Get the lens for $594 · Posted on 01-31-2012 in Pentax-Related News

Amidst all the rumors about the mirrorless Pentax K-01, we have some current news to report: Sigma has recently announced a $75 instant rebate on their 17-50mm F2.8 lens, bringing its final price down to $594.

We reviewed this lens prior to the rebate and already then found it to be the overall best fast walkaround zoom currently available for Pentax.  Read our comparative review of the DA* 16-50mm, Tamron 17-50mm, and Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 for more details!

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Pentax K-01 - Photos and Release Date

Camera to be showcased February 2nd · Posted on 01-31-2012 in Pentax Rumors

A few days ago, a photo of the upcoming Pentax "K-01" mirrorless K-mount camera was leaked. It is also believed that the camera will be unveild in just 3 days, on February 2nd, in the UK. We are looking forward to bringing you more details as they become available!

Read More on the Forum | Pentax K-01 Specifications

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SDM Autofocus Failure Survey

Is Pentax's quality control improving? · Posted on 01-28-2012 in Pentax-Related News

We have recently launched a survey to help us determine whether or not the reliability of Pentax's SDM (supersonic) autofocus system is improving over time.

Take the survey here- it's quick and anonymous.

Thanks for your help in this study!

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World Pentax Day is Coming Up!

February 4th, 2012 · Posted on 01-28-2012 in Pentax Events

We'd like to remind everyone that next Saturday, February 4th, 2012 is World Pentax Day.

During this event, we'd like to invite you to go out and shoot, as a large part of the community will do the same.  Then, you'll be able to share photos from your part of the world in a collective gallery, and create a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras.

So, mark your calendars and go out and shoot next Saturday!  Note: all World Pentax Day photos must be taken on the 4th in your time zone.  Photos from any other day can't go in the gallery!

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$1000 Giveaway Ending Soon

Don't miss out! · Posted on 01-27-2012 in Pentax Events

Our Holiday Giveaway, featuring over $1000 in prizes, will be ending in just 5 days, on January 31st!

If you haven't yet submitted an entry, it is not too late. The top 8 articles will win prizes, and the grand prize could be as high as $1000 in itself!

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Topaz announces Star Effects plug-in

A new way to create star effects in your imaging software · Posted on 01-26-2012 in Photographic News

Topaz Labs have announced a new Photoshop plug-in, Topaz Star Effects (TM). Like the other Topaz plug-ins, Star Effect is a real time saver over creating tsuch effects directly in Photoshop or your favorite image editing program. Topaz Star Effects automatically locates the light sources in your image and creates a star effect.

The plug-in will also work with iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom using Fusion Express.

A free trial is available, or you can jump right in and for a limited time purchase the plug-in for just $19.99.

Refer the Topaz Labs web site for details.

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Optio VS20 Officially Announced

By Pentax USA · Posted on 01-25-2012 in Pentax News

The Optio VS20, which we posted about a few hours ago, has just been officially announced by Pentax USA as well as Pentax Japan.  It looks like we beat them to the press releases, though!

The VS20 is now posted in our Camera Database.

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News Posts 801 - 808 of 1181

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