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January 2012 Photo Contest: Rivers and Lakes

Poll for December contest now online as well · Posted on 01-02-2012 in Photo Contests

We'd like to kick off our official photo contests of 2012 with a theme allowing for a great deal of creativity: Rivers and Lakes.  Feel free to feature one or both of these in your photo, and experiment with reflections, smooth water, frozen water, etc.!

The voting thread for our December "Silver and Gold" photo contest has now also been posted!  We invite everyone to vote for the winner!  Last month, we saw just over 100 submissions.

Good luck- and remember that every month, there's a prize for the winner of our official contests as described in the contest announcement above!

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

Happy New Year

See you in 2012! · Posted on 12-31-2011 in PentaxForums News

We'd like to wish all our members and fans a very Happy New Year!  All the best in 2012!

The official Happy New Year thread

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Pentax Q $50 instant rebate = $699

Q now $100 below launch price · Posted on 12-31-2011 in Pentax News

Pentax has just launched an additional $50 instant rebate on the Pentax Q, lowering its price to $699 in the US.  The rebate will take effect on January 1st, 2012 for both the black and the white versions of the Q at Adorama

Update: the rebate is showing up at B&H photo and Amazon as well, which is selling the camera for $669!

For more information on the Q, please read our Pentax Q Review.

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Pentax 12-24mm Back In Stock!

Available now at B&H · Posted on 12-30-2011 in Pentax News

After being out of stock seemingly for ever nationwide, a shipment of the Pentax 12-24mm F4 lens has just arrived at B&H and is available on a first-come, first-served basis!  B&H is selling the lens for $699, which is $200 below MSRP.

The 12-24mm lens is also now available at the Pentax web store, albeit at the list price of $899.

This lens is one of our members' favorites; for more information on it, please check the lens database.

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Looking back on Pentax events in 2011

The year in review · Posted on 12-29-2011 in PentaxForums News

As we move on to a fresh new year, let's take a look back at the highlights of 2011 both on and from Pentax itself!


  • Pentax added SDXC support to the K-x, K-r, K-7, K-5, and 645D DSLRs
  • Pentax formally acknowledged the K-5 sensor stain issue and resolved it in future bodies


  • Pentax announced the 25mm F4 ultra-wide lens for the 645D (which interestingly still isn't available in the US)
  • Pentax announced the Optio WG-1 point-and-shoot camera 
  • Pentax announced a limited edition Silver K-5
Pentax Announces 25mm F4 Lens for 645D

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Pentax K-5 Firmware v1.12

Expected within the coming days · Posted on 12-28-2011 in Pentax Firmware

Pentax UK has recently published firmware version 1.12 for the Pentax K-5 on their web site, although the download link is not yet active.

We will post an update once the download link becomes active.  At that point, we expect the Japanese Pentax website to be updated with the latest firmware version as well.

It is expected that this new firmware will contain stability fixes.

Update 1/11/2012: The firmware has now been officially released.

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Topaz Labs: Year-End 30% Off

The Topaz bundle and all upgrades · Posted on 12-26-2011 in Photographic News

Our friends at Topaz Labs, makers of several handy Photoshop post-processing plugins, have announced a year-end 30% off sale of their plugin bundle as well as all upgrades to the bundle (if you currently own a single product).

The coupon code, YearEndSavings, can be applied during checkout at the Topaz Store.

For more information on how Topaz plugins work, see our Topaz Adjust in-depth review!

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Season's greetings from everyone here at!  We hope you get everything you wished for this holiday season!

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News Posts 825 - 832 of 1181

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