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Pentax Forums News: Page 66

I had been wanting to shoot something creative for some time. When I came home one day to find that my daughter had baked cinnamon rolls, I knew I had found my subject. I picked this image because it represents the fun you can have in your own house using just ordinary household objects and techniques of a relatively manageable complexity level. My aim was to use some compositing to make the rolls fly and get some feeling of action. I think the result turned out quite well. Why? Because everyone I've shown the image to has asked me questions like "How did you throw them?" or "How many rolls ended of on the floor?".  

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

I had originally read about the DA 40 lens here on Pentax Forums. It seemed to offer everything I had hoped for in a street/walkaround lens: small, lightweight, sharp but with pretty oof/bokeh qualities. I decided that I'd look for one on the Pentax Forum second hand market as well as other online sites. I ended up finding one at a good price on Taiwan's Ruten site.


As you can see from the photo of this lens it truly is a pancake design. It's small footprint doesn't attract much attention at all when walking around in crowded(candid rich) locations. It also is lightweight which helps me greatly on my frequent long photowalk sessions. Many have complained about the unconventional lens cap that mates with the hood. I happen to like the machined aluminum hood and screw-on cap. I guess that's the machined metal geek in me. So I'd have to say the all around construction quality of this lens with machined metal parts win hands down.  

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Two Holiday Sigma Deals

on the 50-500mm and 24-70mm lenses · 12-14-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax Deals

B&H has just posted two great holiday deals:  first the Sigma 50-500mm "Bigma" is currently available for $350 off the regular price, for a final price of $1299.  This is a very interesting lens, and one which is prized by many of our users, because of its unusual 10x zoom range.  In our in-depth review of it, we found it to be easily hand-holdable, something you don't get from every 500mm lens!  If you've been waiting for a price drop on this lens, then now's the time to get it.

Today's second deal is on the Sigma 24-70mm F2.8, available for just $694, which is $205 off the regular price.

Sigma 24-70mmThis lens is a premium-quality full-frame walkaround, which also works well on APS-C camera for those who don't like to shoot wide-angle shots as much.  Like the 50-500mm, it features silent HSM autofocus, and you can read more about it in our user reviews section.

Finally, the Pentax K-5 continues to be available for a record-low $749 from Adorama.  Once it's gone, it'll be gone for good, and you'd have to get the more-expensive K-5 II.  If you need more convincing that this camera is a steal, just read what our users have to say about it!

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I took this photo while on a magical European vacation this summer.  Here is the final product:

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The biggest impact in my photography was definitely my first DSLR. A Pentax K-x, I got for Christmas. It made me really think about how I was getting a photograph, more than just snapping the picture and hoping for the best. I got my Pentax K-x as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I was given a range of what I could spend, I looked for the features I wanted within the price point and about a week or so later, I got my Pentax K-x. When I first got it, it was a little intimidating. There was, and still is, a lot to learn. I had to get over the fear of breaking it, also.

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12-13-2012 · By PF Staff in Favorite Photos

Back in May 2011, my wife gave birth to our firstborn, Vincent. He arrived in the world six weeks too early and, because of this, he had to stay in the hospital for many weeks to grow some more. He had to learn to breathe alone, feed by mouth, and his heart had to become strong enough to support him all day long. Even when he was released from the hospital, he was a very small thing, needing all the care of a newborn and the extra attentions of a premature.

My wife and I wanted to capture the emotions associated with sheltering and caring for such a tiny marvel. I decided to use a classic composition that would emphasize the small size and fragility of our boy.  The result is the picture below. In this article I will describe how I captured this image. I will describe the equipment used, how the scene was set up, and what post-processing was used.


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As a youngster growing up with a black and white photo Box Brownie camera how I wish I’d had one of today’s great Pentax range. How I long to recall those memories and images now that I am a little older.

Pentax K-x

For every camera is a time machine and portal to the past, a view that is there only for one infinitesimal moment in time, never to be seen again. What would any of us give as photographers to capture images at the historical landing of the Pilgrim Fathers or at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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My Pentax *ist-DL is the reason I'm a Pentaxian and bitten with the  photobug.   I wanted to upgrade my point and shoot to shoot the  mountains and trains that I loved.   I always liked taking pictures, but  the *ist-DL was the perfect starter camera. Before I was just a  snapshot shooter, the Pentax helped turn me into a photographer.


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