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Pentax Forums News: Page 67

Pentax 645D IR Announced

Pentax 645D without an infrared filter · 12-12-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax News

Ricoh has just announced a derivative of the Pentax 645D medium-format DSLR called the 645D IR, which is a special version of the camera designed for high-resolution (40-megapixel) infrared photography.

The 645D IR is identical to the 645D, except that the infrared filter normally found in front of its CCD sensor has been removed.  It also has a red Pentax logo rather than the black one found on the 645D.

This camera will be see extremely limited production runs of about 100 units per year, and is meant for special applications where having an infrared-sensitive camera is beneficial.  It will only be sold in Japan and is not going to be marketed as a consumer imaging product.

There are companies out there which can remove the IR filter from ordinary DSLRs: in fact, one of our recent photo contest winners submitted a photo shot with an IR-modified version of the K100D.

IR Photo

Original IR Photo

After post-processing

Processed Photo

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

Poker Quartet

12-12-2012 · By PF Staff in Favorite Photos

One of my favorite photography projects, is creating scenarios where a single "actor" appears several times in the frame, in  different poses or appearances. Over the years, I did several such projects, sometimes myself as the "actor", often  a grandchild who happened to be visiting us, and in the right state of mind for having some fun with grandpa…

The "Poker Quartet" shown here is one that I like most. Taken on a winter evening of 2009, at my home  roof terrace:

Once I have the idea of the scene, the procedure is actually quite simple.

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An example of a photo captured which depicts what  photography means to me.  In this photo it shows how fun photography is for me, maybe I'm not in the photo since I took this one, but the happiness, the joy, and how me and friends enjoyed that moment was captured and that will stay forever.   As I have mentioned in the first submission, Photography is not just capturing moments, it's an extension of our enjoyment, for eternity.

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Hi guys, As you can see from the title, the item which I chose is the well reputed smc Pentax-FA 31mm Limited prime offered by Pentax.  Here is a picture of my copy

With photography so many things need to come together to make a good picture, however if I had to somehow identify one significant factor (in my experience) it would be the use of this lens. At first it was a struggle accepting/justifying such an expensive purchase entirely for a hobby. I had used the Pentax SMC FA 35 F2 before and I thought, how much better could this lens really be? $600 better? Come on, really? Even when I first got it, I was a bit disappointed with it's sharpness wide open. People had been calling it "razor sharp" so I guess I had my expectations set a bit too high. But, oh boy, I couldn't have been more wrong. Ever since I got it, and started using it in the field, my picture taking experience has been completely transformed. I use it for 3 main purposes, so I will discuss each one briefly below.

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Hello, I'm Guillermo also known as memo90061 in these forums. 


Olympus E-520, the camera that got me into photography

Photography has always been attractive to me. I remember when I was young I would see my dad take pictures of my family. He would set up the flash, umbrellas, and all the equipment. I think that's why I'm interested in photography. When I was in middle school and high school I would look at magazines just to look at the pictures. Once I finally got internet I spent hours on Flickr looking at the pictures. As a beginner I didn't know much, but would look at pictures I liked  and try to learn from them. I then decided to buy a DSLR, but didn't have much money. The Olympus E-520 seemed good for the price, and I bought it.

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The photo I picked for this submission has been sitting on my hard drive waiting for an opportunity to make an appearance. The image which was a culmination of pure chance and timing, depicts a tender subject in a harsh environment. The image still continues to resonate with me, so with that in mind, I present this photo as one of my "favorites"

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Hello! I have never had any high end photography equipment, and if fact, I have never really been into photography. One device changed that. It wasn't even a dedicated camera... It was the camera on my phone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Monday Pentax Savings & Holiday Gift Ideas

Rokinon 85mm: $239, DA 50-200mm: $129, Lightroom: $99 and more! · 12-10-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax Deals

Christmas is coming up soon, and so every week we're starting to see new deals on Pentax gear!

This week's featured deal is the Rokinon 85mm F1.4, which can be had for just $239 from B&H photo (this is an exclusive deal not featured by any other site).  Given its bargain price, this lens actually delivers really impressive image quality and build quality.  Sigma's 85mm costs nearly 4 times more, and it's certainly not even twice as good, as we discovered in our in-depth review of the Rokinon 85mm F1.4.

Rokinon 85mm - $239

Please note that this lens is also sold under the Vivitar, Samyang, and Bower brands, but the four versions are identical in terms of features and optics.  If you want to learn more about it, check our our user reviews!  This lens makes for a great gift idea because of its cost-effectiveness.

Next up is the Pentax K-5, which has dropped to $749 (same price as on Black Friday).  Stock has almost run out at Adorama: the camera will be gone for good before the end of the year.

Pentax K-5

Now at less than half its original price, the K-5 is an absolute steal.  It's still best-in-class when it comes to image quality, and it's packed with features to make any enthusiast happy!  To learn more about the K-5, read our K-5 review or K-5 vs Canon 7D comparative review.  But what about the Pentax K-5 II?  Well, it's so similar to the original K-5 that for most users, the extra $450 that it costs would be better spent on lenses.  If you do want a full comparison, however, read our Pentax K-5 II/IIs review.

The deals don't stop here, though: read on for more!

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