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Pentax Forums News: Page 68

Making of "Fly Fishing"

October "The Outdoors" photo contest winner · 12-09-2012 · By PF Staff in Photo Contests

The main element about making of this picture was being in the right place at the right time.  This was taken at Yellowstone National Park along the Madison River.  I was there with my two sons and a nephew.  We were staying in West Yellowstone and the night before was a late night.  I woke up early and decided to drive into the park while the boys slept.  I had the 55-300mm on the camera as I was looking for wildlife.  I pulled over to this area and there was this fantastic mist coming off the river and a light fog above.  It was bright enough as the sun was trying to burn through.  I probably could have used a little wider lens, but there was no time to change it.  I waited and got the fisherman in mid cast, took another shot, and within two minutes the fog and the mist were replaced with sunshine.

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

A long weekend is over and all memory cards are full with pictures. But now the most time consuming work just begins. After sorting all photos there is a list of RAW- files which is much too long to be fun. For processing of hundreds of megapixels I have been using UFRaw due to a good alternative under Linux. It is hard work opening every single RAW file and tweaking the controls until being satisfied. Before the next RAW file can be done, the actual File hast to be saved. The RAW-volution started when I read about the young but yet very powerful program darktable.  

darktable in lighttable mode

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This blog post is about the K1000 which was given to me by my Dad. In terms of the impact it had on my photography - well it kicked off my interest in it. Up till that point I took holiday snaps, (coincidentally with a Pentax Optio) and that was it. Every thing that is said about the K1000 being the student's camera it true - and I think I will always be looking for the simple combination of bright viewfinder, mechanical feel, and intuitive metering.

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Two years ago, I was out in a swamp up behind Berea, Kentucky. It was in the 90+ F degree range. Humidity was somewhere between 50 and 80 percent. Mosquitoes! My blood sings to mosquitoes. A nod here to Twilight.

Why was I out with my K20D and gear on such a day, in such an area?

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New Pentax Lens Deals

Save on Sigma and Pentax Primes · 12-06-2012 · By PF Staff in Pentax Deals

B&H has just posted more lens deals.  First, they're offering a $140 instant rebate on the Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC lens, which is now just $349.  This price is now live on their web site, and it includes free shipping.

Sigma 30mm for Pentax

To learn more about this lens, please visit our Sigma lens database.

A number of "hidden" Pentax deals is also live; these lower prices will only be shown in cart.

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DA 15mm Limited F4

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DA* 55mm F1.4

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D-FA 100mm Macro WR F2.8

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$849 $639 $210


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DA 18-135mm WR F3.5-5.6

Buy: B&H

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$529 $449 $80


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DA* 300mm F4

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$954 w/DSLR purchase



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DA* 16-50mm F2.8

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User | In-Depth

DA* 50-135mm F2.8

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DA* 60-250mm F4

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Remember, these hidden prices won't be shown until you add the lenses to your cart. They're going to be gone soon, so act now if you want to secure this pricing!

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I am a definite amateur in the area of photography, which means that I'm still learning a lot about photography. It is an exciting place to be in that I'm still on a relatively rapid learning curve and it can be a frustrating place to be when I realize how much more this is to learn and sometimes also when the photos I end up with fall short of the photo II thought I was taking. Still, I can take pride in how far I've come. In one sense the biggest influence has been my Pentax K-x DSLR and my kit lenses (the 18-55 mm and the 55-300 mm), which take photos that are head and shoulders above what I was able to capture on my Panasonic DMC LZ5 (a digital point and shoot camera). But what has made an even bigger difference in my work is Adobe Lightroom (first version 3, and now 4.2). I have had experience with Photoshop Elements from roughly version 3 to 8, with PaintShop Pro back when it was JASC PSP 3 and with a number of other home graphics programs.

So why has Lightroom made a bigger difference than any of the others?

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I don't have one specific theme when it comes to photography.  I enjoy photographing people, animals, flowers, landscapes and macros but every now and then you come across the one that is so different from the rest which is why I'm choosing this one to showcase.

I spotted this water / concrete stain at a fish hatchery which probably took years to develop this beautiful one of a kind stain.

I had been on the look out for something like this for some time and was elated when I came across this:

Original photo

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So you got that new Pentax K-5 IIs and despite what you had hoped for, you get visible moiré in one or more of your photos.  Don't despair, because it can easily be avoided or, if needed, fixed through post processing.

Pentax K-5 IIs

In case you'd like to learn more about what moiré is, or haven't heard the term before, read this page of our K-5 IIs review.

When we tested the IIs for the review, we noticed that moiré was particularly common in photos of Saguaro cacti when shot from a moderate distance. The fine ridges and the repeating patterns created by their needles are to blame.  In the scene below, all of the highlighted areas contain moiré:

Click to view a larger version of this photo

Here's a 100% crop showing the false color and rainbow effect that it causes:

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