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Pentax Forums News: Page 92

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Pentax K-3 Announced (April Fools 2012)

Full-frame, backwards-compatible K-mount DSLR · Posted on 04-01-2012 in PentaxForums News

Update as of 10/2013: the Pentax K-3 has been announced for real- click here for details

It has been over a year and a half since we've seen a new DSLR from Pentax- the K-5 and K-r both came out in the fall of 2010, and the K-r ended up being discontinued in late 2011, prior to the announcement of its successor.

While we all expected the next DSLR announcement from Pentax to be about the K-z (the K-r's successor), today Pentax Japan surprised us all by giving us an early look the Pentax K-3, a new full-frame addition to their DSLR lineup.  Together with this camera, which will likely not start shipping until this fall, Pentax will also be re-releasing many of their FA-series full-frame lenses as D-FA lenses.

The key specifications of the Pentax K-3 are outlined below:

  • Sensor: 24.0 Megapixel CMOS (36x24mm)
  • ISO Range: 100-25,600 (50-102,400 expanded)
  • Autofocus: 29-point SAFOX X w/light wavelength sensor
  • Shutter: stepless, 30s-1/8000s rated for 200,000 actuations
  • Framerate: 6FPS at maximum resolution
  • Video: 1080p/720p recording at 60/30/25/24 FPS, VGA recording at 120/30FPS
  • Image processor: Dual PRIME M
  • Media: Single SDXC/SDHC/SD card
  • Body Color: Graphite black

Note that these are tentative and based on initial reports; the official specifications have not yet been publicly published by Pentax.

The K-3 uses the same "crippled" KAF2 mount that's found on other Pentax DSLRs, meaning it's fully backwards-compatible with manual lenses, but needs to stop-down meter when one is mounted.  Whenever DA (APS-C format) lenses are mounted, the camera will automatically switch to a 12-megapixel cropped sensor mode which only utilizes the APS-C image circle.

Professional photographers using the K-3 will be eligible for the PENTAX Professional Services program (PPS).

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Just posted: Pentax K-3 Review

Shooting a Starscape

Member Article · Posted on 03-31-2012 in Photographic Articles

Our next member contributed article is written by Matt Burt who has created a quick how-to on getting good shots of the night sky. Shoot your favorite constellation, the Milky Way, or even get into the shot yourself!

Read the article here!

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Pentax K-01: "The Second-Best Mirrorless Camera"

DxO Mark Sensor Scores Posted · Posted on 03-30-2012 in Pentax-Related News

DxO Labs have just published the results of their test of the Pentax K-01's sensor, ranking it the second-highest among mirrorless cameras in terms of overall image quality. The only camera to beat it was the new (and more expensive) 24-megapixel Sony NEX-7.

The K-01 scored lower than the Pentax K-5 as the K-5 has a higher bit depth in RAW (14-bit vs 12-bit), meaning that it has the potential achieve a better dynamic range.

Below is a table summarizing the test results.  Among mirrorless cameras, the K-01 scored second in all categories except for high-ISO performance, where it came in first place.  For all tests below, the higher the number, the better the result.

Pentax K-01 Sony NEX-7 Sony NEX-5n Pentax K-5
Camera Name

Pentax K-01

Sony NEX-7

Sony NEX-5n

Pentax K-5

Overall Score 79 81 77 82
Color Depth (bit) 23.7 24.1 23.6 23.7
Dynamic Range (EV) 12.9 13.4 12.7 14.1
Low-Light (ISO) 1135 1016 1079 1162

So, if you're loooking for a mirrorless camera and your top priority is image quality, then the K-01 won't disappoint.  To learn more about this camera, read our Pentax K-01 Review.

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Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS Review

New Compact Waterproof Camera · Posted on 03-29-2012 in Reviews

We've just posted an in-depth video review of the new Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS "adventureproof" digital camera from Pentax.  Along with the video, we include some additional commentary, sample photos, a sample video clip, the specifications, and more!

Watch the Video Review & Continue Reading

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New Pentax US Pricing Scheme

Starting April 1st - Prices to Go Up · Posted on 03-28-2012 in Pentax Rumors

Earlier we had been advised that the $300 instant rebate on the Pentax K-5 (lowering its price to $989) expires for good on March 31st; now, we've learned that the price of the Pentax K-5 will be changed to a fixed $1099.

In addition, Pentax's pricing scheme at authorized US retailers will change as of 4/1/2012.

In the past, you may have noticed that for many Pentax products, you had to click on "add to cart" links in order to view the actual (lower) price.  As of next month, this will be going away, and Pentax will be adapting what is called a Unilateral Pricing Policy.  Already in use by other manufacturers such as Nikon and Sony, this will place restrictions on how much retailers can lower prices on items, and essentially means that prices on many Pentax lenses will go up in a few days.  It also means that we'll see much smaller variations in price between listings at major retailers.

Therefore, if you live in the US and are in the market for new Pentax gear, now is the time to get it, especially if the retailers you're looking to buy from are advertising reduced prices.  As a reminder, if you order from B&H Photo or Adorama Camera, you will be eligible for free access to our Pentax classifieds and your forum account will be upgraded with added photo space.

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The Perfect Zebra Photo in 3 Easy Steps

A PentaxForums Member Article · Posted on 03-27-2012 in Photographic Articles

We have just uploaded another member-provided article: a real eye-opener!

Forum member Mr_Canuck combines humor with advice on how to improve your photography in three easy steps, and also hints at what isn't going to work for you.

We're sure that you will enjoy reading The Perfect Zebra Photo in 3 Easy Steps.

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Pentax K-5 Rebate Ending

$300 instant rebate permanently expires after 3/31 · Posted on 03-26-2012 in Pentax Rumors

We've gotten word that the $300 US instant rebate on the Pentax K-5, which reduces the price of the camera from $1299 to $999 at authorized retailers, is set to expire on March 31st and will not be renewed by Pentax.

While you never know what new things Pentax's marketing division may have in store for us in the coming months, chances are the the price of the K-5 will remain higher until it's eventually discontinued and replaced by the successor rumored to be launched this fall.

If you decide to purchase your K-5 before this rebate ends, you'll be able to get free Marketplace access on our forum.

To learn more about this camera, see our Pentax K-5 review.

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PentaxForums Marketplace Updates

Listing Thumbnails and Filtering Options · Posted on 03-25-2012 in PentaxForums News

This weekend we made several improvements to our Pentax Marketplace, which is our Pentax & photographic equipment classifieds section. Over the past five years, our Marketplace has seen over 20,000 transactions and it has helped give lots of great Pentax equipment a new home!  We are also proud to say that the Marketplace delivers a very safe online buying experience, and since its inception, only a handful of negative feedback ratings have been recorded.

The Marketplace itself consists of four sections:

While the Marketplace specializes in Pentax equipment, you are welcome to sell equipment by other manufacturers as well.

The first new feature is an item location filter.  Once logged in, you can now limit the threads to see to those that ship to your country (or ship from your country), as you see fit.

Pentax Marketplace

Secondly, the secure HTTPS protocol is now fully supported by all pages on, including the Marketplace. We are proud to be one of the few discussion forums to offer this protocol.  Note that when using HTTPS, any insecure user-submitted media (i.e. images) will not load.

PentaxForums HTTPS

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News Posts 729 - 736 of 1183

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