2016 T-Shirt Design Voting Live

Pick your favorite design!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 11, 2016

The 2016 Pentax Forum T-shirt design contest has recently closed to submissions, and this means it's time for us to vote to pick the winners.  This year, we received over two dozen creative submissions!

We will print at least two general designs and at least one design inspired by the recently-launched Pentax K-1.  Vote for your favorites in the forum threads below:

The polls will close on July 22nd, and we'll start accepting shirt orders shortly thereafter, once each design is finalized.  Good luck to our designers!

Win a SanDisk Extreme Pro 64Gb SDXC Card

One-day flash giveaway

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 11, 2016

We are giving away a brand new SanDisk Extreme Pro 64Gb SDXC card this weekend: the fastest memory card currently supported by Pentax DSLRs. Enter in this one-day giveaway for a chance to win it!

To Enter:

Entry period: 30 hours, between midnight GMT on Sunday, June 12 and 6am GMT on Monday, June 13.

Good luck!

Update: this giveaway has now ended, with forum member tabjohnson being the winner.

2016 Pentax Forums T-Shirt Contest

Get free shirts and more if you win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 7, 2016

Pentax Forums T-shirts will soon be making a return for 2016!  We have just kicked off a contest for a general Pentax-themed shirt design as well as a design celebrating the new Pentax K-1.  The contest will run until the end of the month, shortly after our members vote for the winners, the winning designs will become available.  All winners will receive free shirt and a forum account upgrade.

Click here to learn more or enter the 2016 PF T-shirt contest

We are looking forward to seeing your creative designs!

Feel free to browse last year's designs for examples of what our users have come up with in the past.

World Pentax Day Has Started!

May 6th, 7th, and 8th

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on May 6, 2016

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (May 6th-8th) are World Pentax Days!  It's time for members of the Pentax community to come together and collectively paint a picture of a world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras.

This event is open to everyone, and you can upload up to 5 of your favorite photos taken this weekend to the gallery below.  If you're new to World Pentax Day, read more about the event here.

Click here to upload | View the event gallery

We're looking forward to seeing your photos!

Note: WPD photos must be taken between May 6 and May 8 in your local time zone, and uploads will be accepted through the end of May.  Need help uploading?

Interactive Map

We've added an all-new feature this year: an interactive map that will be overlayed with all the photos submitted to the event gallery.  When uploading, you will be able to mark the location of your photo using a similar map.

Location selection during upload

The interactive map will be made available in the coming days.  We also plan to feature the top-rated photos on the homepage once WPD ends.

World Pentax Day: May 6-8th, 2016

Get out there and shoot to paint a picture of the world!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Apr 9, 2016

The next World Pentax Day (WPD) is actually going to be a three-day World Pentax Weekend and it will take place on Friday thru Sunday, May 6-8th, 2016.  This is our fifteenth installment of the WPD and we hope to see as many members as possible partake in the event!  We also plan to continue the WPD tradition on a quarterly basis going forward.

In a Nutshell

Here's a quick overview of the event:

  • Go out and shoot with your Pentax on World Pentax Day!
  • Try to capture photos that portray your part of the world
  • Upload up to 5 of your favorites to the event gallery
  • Photos must be taken on May 6, 7, or 8
  • Browse, rate & comment on others' photos

What is World Pentax Day?

The idea behind World Pentax Day is very simple.  During each event, Pentax users have the opportunity to go out and shoot, and then upload their favorite photos to a special collective event gallery.  Thus, together, we paint a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras! From time to time, we may add a twist to each event, such as a hosting an additional giveaway or making a photo book.  Best of all, World Pentax Day is open to everyone!  Photos submitted to our gallery must be taken on the day(s) designated as World Pentax Day, however.  They must also be taken with a Pentax or Ricoh camera.

Optionally, try to capture a photo that represents your specific city or region.

We encourage you to get together with your photo friends or local photo club and use this day as an excuse to go out and put your camera to good use, especially if this will be your first WPD.

How to Upload

Starting on May 6th you will be able to upload up to 5 of your favorite photos to the event gallery, which is linked below.

Upload to the World Pentax Day Gallery

The link above will go live on May 6th, and the gallery will remain open through the end of May.  Once again, only photos taken on May 6th, May 7th, or May 8th 2016 may be uploaded to this gallery.

To learn more about the event, please read our World Pentax Day overview page.

Want to see previous submissions?  Click here to view the full World Pentax Day gallery, which contains over 10,000 photos!

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