Win a Limited Lens: November Daily Prize Giveaway

Pentax 15mm and 77mm Limiteds as Grand Prizes

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Oct 31, 2014

We're very happy to announce the official November, 2014 Giveaway, which features daily prizes in addition to two Limited lenses as grand prizes which will be awarded to three lucky participants at the end of the month.   The giveaway starts at midnight CDT on November 1st- just after Halloween.

The way the giveaway works is simple: you get one point for every forum post you make.  You gain an additional point for each member that Likes your posts each day.  For a chance to win a Limited lens, you simply need to be a top-10 forum poster on at least one out of the 30 days in November.

At the end of each day, the member with the highest number of points will be our daily winner.  That member will get to pick out one of our 30 daily prizes.  In addition, the top 10 point holders will each receive a raffle entry for the grand prize drawing. 

There are also two ways to gain bonus raffle entries.  If you are in the top 10 scorers on at least 3 different days, your total number or raffle entries will be increased by 20% (rounded up).  Furthermore, one of the daily prizes is the option to receive additional raffle entries.

Grand Prizes

The grand prizes are the SMC Pentax-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited ("Greatest Pentax Lens of All Time" per our Lens Tournament), HD Pentax-DA 15mm F4 Limited ("Greatest Pentax Wide-Angle").  The winners will be drawn via a raffle. 

We will also be giving away a SMC Pentax-DA 50mm F1.8 lens to the overall top scorer as a guaranteed prize.  All lenses are brand new!

Daily Prizes

3 16 Gb Sandisk Extreme SDHC Card
3 32 Gb Sandisk Ultra SDHC Card
3 Giotto's Large Rocket Blower
6 Unlimited Attachments Account Upgrade
12 Five bonus grand prize raffle entries
3 49 - 77mm Hoya Alpha UV Filter (your choice)

Grand Prize Drawing

At the end of the month, the Limited lens grand prize winners will be drawn randomly based on the raffle entry counts.  You can keep track of how many raffle tickets you have on the giveaway standings page.

Giveaway Standings LinkWhere to check the live giveaway standings and daily winners

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the forum and start posting away, or read on for the fine print.  Don't have an account yet?  Create one!

Ways to Get Engaged

Want to jump right in?  The giveaway will start at midnight on November 1st, just after Halloween.  The official contest time (US Central) is shown here.

Share photos, help others out, or just chat about gear or technique- you will be rewarded for the things you normally post on the forum.  Have fun!

New Members: Win a Pentax DA 50mm Lens!

Special giveaway hosted by a fellow forum user

By crewl1 in Giveaways and Events on Aug 27, 2014

If you joined Pentax Forums within the past 12 months, read on for an easy way to enter for a chance to win a free Pentax DA 50mm lens for your camera!

Veteran forum member crewl1 has just lauched a special giveaway through which we'll be putting a new lens in the hands of one lucky Pentax user.  This giveaway is open to anyone who registered on the forum between August 25, 2013 and August 25, 2014; you must also already own a digital Pentax K-mount camera.

For a chance to win this lovely lens, simply create a forum post by following the link below, and include these two things:

  • Tell us why you deserve to win the lens, in 300 words or less
  • Share a photo you've taken with your Pentax

Click here to enter

Good luck!  The giveaway will close to submissions at the end of the day on September 14th, Pacific time.  The most convincing post will be our winner. Full giveaway details

World Pentax Day is Live!

Go out and shoot this weekend, then upload to the event gallery!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 12, 2014

World Pentax Day is now live!  Go out there and shoot this weekend, then upload your favorite photos to the event gallery.  The gallery will remain open to uploads through the end of the month in case you need extra time to process or upload.

If this is your first World Pentax day, click here to learn more about the event.  We are looking forward to seeing your photos!

In addition to uploading to the event gallery, we also invite you to share your World Pentax Day photos on the forum.

World Pentax Day: July 11-13, 2014

Go out and shoot during this weekend, then upload to the event gallery!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 22, 2014

The next World Pentax Day (WPD) is actually going to be a three-day World Pentax Weekend and it will take place on Friday thru Sunday, July 11-13th, 2014.  This is our fourteenth installment of the WPD and we hope to see as many members as possible partake in the event!

What is World Pentax Day?

The idea behind World Pentax Day is very simple.  Each year, the staff designates two or three days for the World Pentax Day event.  On each of these days, Pentax users have the opportunity to go out and shoot, and then upload their favorite photos to a special collective event gallery.  Thus, together, we paint a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras! From time to time, we may add a twist to each event, such as a hosting an additional giveaway or making a photo book.  Best of all, World Pentax Day is open to everyone!  Photos submitted to our gallery must be taken with a Pentax camera and on the day designated as World Pentax Day, however.

We encourage you to get together with your photo friends or local photo club and use this day as an excuse to go out and put your camera to good use, especially if this will be your first WPD.

How to Upload

Starting on July 11th you will be able to upload up to 5 of your favorite photos to the event gallery, which is linked below.

Upload to the World Pentax Day Gallery

The link above will go live on the 11th, and the gallery will remain open through the end of July.  Once again, only photos taken on 7/11/2014, 7/12/2014, or 7/13/2014 may be uploaded to this gallery.

To learn more about the event, please read our World Pentax Day overview page.

Want to see previous submissions?  Click here to view the full World Pentax Day gallery, which contains over 10,000 photos!

Pentax K+ Multi-Mount Giveaway

A user-inspired concept turned into a real product

By Gnarelsek in Giveaways and Events on Mar 1, 2014

Our February giveaway has come to a close, but that doesn't mean we're done!

If you've ever thought about how exciting it would be if your Pentax K mount DSLR could use Nikon F, Olympus OM, Contax Yashica C/Y and Konica AR mount lenses, here is the answer.

Introducing Pentax K+ Mulit-Mount (PK+MM), a new way of adapting lenses from different mounts to K mount without the need for adapters, achieving infinity focus (except Konica AR mount) and yet retaining the use of its native K mount lenses.

Sound familiar? This idea was my DIY project which I submitted in the Pentax K-30 giveaway back in 2012 (you can see the original entry here) which later became the winning entry. During the course of voting, the encouraging feedback/comments made me decide to make my idea commercially available so that anyone who is interested does not need to DIY. And the result? The professionally precision-machined PK+MM which you can see here mounted on my Pentax K-r.

PK+MM on Pentax K-rPK+MM installed on Pentax K-r.

By replacing the original mounting ring on your Pentax K mount DSLR with the PK+MM part, you can start to mount the lenses of Nikon F, Olympus OM and Contax/Yashica and even Konica AR mount directly onto your DSLR. Just imagine the choices of Nikkor, Zuiko, Carl Zeiss, Yashica, Hexanon or other third parties lenses in the Nikon F mount not available in Pentax K.

Below is the product introduction video which will show you exactly how PK+MM works.

What makes PK+MM different from using currently-available methods is that no adapter is required. This preserves the different mounts' ability to focus to infinity as their film flange focus distances are slightly longer than that of the Pentax K mount (except Konica AR mount). Current adapters that allow infinity focus normally have corrective optics that degrade image quality while those that do not have corrective optics only allow focus at close distances. Other alternative methods like changing the mount of the lens means you need to disassemble the lens and then only use 1 modified lens at a time.

While aperture control is totally dependent on the type of lenses mounted and only manual focus is possible, PK+MM will vastly open up your choices of lenses previously only available or adaptable to other mounts.

Interested to get the PK+MM for FREE?  That's where the giveaway part comes in! PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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