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Bermuda K-x HDR

01-09-2013 · By PF Staff in Favorite Photos

I have always liked this picture, partly because I like the way it came out, and partly because it reminds me of a very nice day in Bermuda with my wife (I know this may be doubly redundant).

I shot this with my Pentax K-x and DA-L 18-55 lens, zoomed all the way out to 18mm. I have a bad habit of leaving my tripod at home, so I put the camera on a deck railing. Of course, I believe the K-30 allows you to shoot HDR handheld... I shot at 1/100 second, f20, ISO 200, using Daylight White Balance.

I do very little post-processing, so in-camera HDR comes in very handy for a picture like this. About all the PP I usually do is cropping - because nobody really needs to see my lens hood, or the deck railing...

Thank you, and I hope you like this picture.

- mblanc

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Tags: lens, picture, hdr, shot, deck, partly, white, balance

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causey [Delete] Jan 12th, 2013 6:20AM

I have to agree with those who say this pic is pretty bad. It isn't worth any PP-ing effort.

Billium28 [Delete] Jan 11th, 2013 11:58PM

Me again, no offense or anything! Great picture!

Billium28 [Delete] Jan 11th, 2013 11:55PM

Dude fellow K-x'er here. Dont use that in camera stuff. Use the three bracket system! I have a lot of luck the real way using free software. Its under the drive button, hit up on the d-pad.

We both love the K-x but even using the K-x and the real HDR can help a ton.

shadowsonoureyes [Delete] Jan 10th, 2013 4:26PM

Is the haloing around the trees caused by the in camera HDR function? I never use this function in my K5 but do notice that I can accidentally create halos in lightroom when over-manipulating sliders (ie clarity slider).

I suspect that if you didn't use your HDR function you would have lost all colour in the trees and would have been left with silhouettes. Tough shot looking into the sun.

I agree with Mr Manual that the handrail could have been left in place for depth and interest.

Thanks for sharing.

JimC1101 [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 10:16PM

I like the pic. Sure I might have cropped out the vignetting but that is just personal preference. Also, I can see why HDR was used. If you had not used it, your sky would have been blown out and not blue. You could have corrected in LR but HDR worked. I never really use it because I always PP with LR but to each his own. As for tropical, if that were a palm tree in the pic, no one would have said it is not tropical. The great thing about photography is that we are presenting our interpritation of a scene and because of it, we can never be wrong. If we like what we see, that is most important. I have submitted pic to Pentax Gallery that I thought were hands down a no brainer to have accepted only to get rejected, and I have submitted pics that were in my eye so-so that got accepted. Go figure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You have a great tool in the K-x. That was my first DSLR and I loved it....and it also pumped out alot of outstanding pics in every situation. I moved up to the K-30 now but still have fond memories of my old buddy that I parted ways with. Keep up the good work.

Usuqa [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 5:12PM

I don't see the need for hdr in this scene, unless you were using a sensor with very poor dynamic range.. I think even my gf1 with its old 12mp 4/3 sensor could handle this in one raw shot.

The image looks dirty, the crop with the vignette just doesn't work . There lots of haloing around the tree's and loss of colour leading to dirty grey looking water around the suns reflections.

I would chalk this upto a learning experience and take the critique people have left to try better next time.

Try not to take the comments to heart as everyone is at a different stage of learning but as WoraS says its better to be brutally honest with you as the last thing I would want is someone saying my image is great when it isn't as I want to always learn from what I do and better myself and the honest feedback from others is invaluable for that.

dmytty [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 12:14PM

Amongst other things, the picture does not feel 'sunny'. Perhaps a non-HDR image would have blown out the highlights, but it may have felt more tropical. To me , this has a winter sky look...not tropics.

Mr Manual [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 12:01PM

I am confused by the vignetting. It looks as though you have used the DA-L 18-55 on a film era k-x but the presence of EXIF data makes me think otherwise and to me the focal length looks tighter than 18mm (12mm APS-C equivalent). If this is the case, I don't understand why you would have desired HDR as the higher dynamic range of film would probably have been able to retain detail in the highlights even shooting into the sun.

The final cropped image does nothing for me. Actually, it hurts my eyes. I much prefer the uncropped image. The ship on the left is more noticeable and to me the composition is more attractive. Personally, I like the make shift tripod - handrail - in the image. It adds to the character. But hey, if the image represents a favoured memory, then who cares about the technicalities.

EDIT: I have just read that the 'vignetting' is your lens hood. Sorry for all the mumbo-jumbo.

WoRaS [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 10:25AM

Well, can I be brutally honest with you? This picture is just a disaster - just take a look at "halo" effect at the trees... My advice is to delete this picture and try to use RAW next time. This may sound brutal but we all should learn how to look decisively at our work.

rrwilliams64 [Delete] Jan 9th, 2013 10:15AM

Very nice...good pic, nice vacation spot