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Pentax Sees the Real World

12-28-2012 · By PF Staff in Influential Photo Gear

The old hymn says once I was blind and now I see, and with Pentax in your hand, you can see the world as never before. Whether shooting Senior Proms, bucking bulls at the rodeo, or a newborn's first night home, the discreet choice of sport for high speed, and soft flash allows you to be discreet, and assured of getting the shot right first time every time.

The Pentax W90 goes in my pocket along with my cell phone every morning, I'm outdoors a lot and hate to miss a great sunrise or the horses coming in for water.  The new Optio WG2 promises with more LED flash to give even better results than the W90--and don't forget it's bright pretty case and waterproof dustproof impact proof design. I haven't dropped my W90 into a thermal vent yet, but I really believe the Pentax would emerge unscathed.

Pentax Optio W90

The battery recharges easily and carries the camera for a lot of images.  My Pentax has won in competition, and the images of tiny and not so tiny spiders have been shown on internationally recognized sites.  I'm 66 and still seeing the world through my Pentax.

- Ellen Passenheim

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Tags: pentax, outdoor, w90

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tessfully [Delete] Dec 31st, 2012 3:13PM

I have this camera Ellen and it certainly has its perks. We use it all the time on our camping and canoeing trips and I am always amazing at the clarity and depth of field possible. Thanks for sharing!