"Best of 2014" Photo Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of our January, 2015 contest

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Feb 27, 2015

"Alone With the Universe" by EarlVonTapia

Voting for our official January, 2015 "Best of 2014" photo contest has just ended, and we are now pleased to announce the winners.

Forum member EarlVonTapia from Canada came in first place and will thus be the recipient of the Pentax K-50 grand prize!  The winning photo, shown above, is a starscape entitled "Alone With the Universe". It was shot with a Pentax K-30 and a DA 10-17mm Fish-eye lens.

Earl will share details on how this photo was captured in an upcoming homepage post.

Photo Challenge Roundup - 2/11

By K David in Photo Contests on Feb 11, 2015

Much of the U.S. is trapped inside thanks to a series of heavy storms. Europe, too, has seen snow, cold, and heavy cloud cover this week. About the only place around with good weather this week has been Australia. So whether you're stuck inside editing your photos or out enjoying a lull in the summer heath, this is a great time to post and share in the Pentax Forums contest threads!

Photo Challenge Roundup - 2/1

By K David in Photo Contests on Feb 1, 2015

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is approaching quickly. In the Southern Hemisphere, autumn will arrive sooner than you realize. This is a great time to get those end-of-season photos. To help spur your photographic creativity, here are some of the the many contests and events currently happening on PF. You can find them all (and hundreds upon hundreds of photos) in our Monthly Photo Contest,  Weekly Photo Challenges, and Mini-challenges forums.

"Holiday Spirit" Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of our December, 2014 contest

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Jan 27, 2015

"His Every Wish" by JameyMC

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our December, 2014 "Holiday Spirit" photo contest! In first place was forum member JameyMC from USA who captured "His Every Wish" (pictured above). This photo was shot with a Pentax K-3 and an Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 lens.

Our runners-up were forum member Dat_Bokeh from USA in second place with "Christmas Lights Fisheye" and Kath from USA in third place with "And to All a Good Night". Click on either thumbnail for a larger version.

"Christmas Lights Fisheye" by Dat_Bokeh "And to All a Good Night" by Kath

We'd like to congratulate the winners, it was a very close call this time! We also want to thank everyone who participated or voted! Also, be sure not to miss our February photo contest, "Moonscape".

The Making of "Gumdrops"

The winning image in our "Sweets" photo contest

By shell650 in Photo Contests on Jan 11, 2015

Thank-you to everyone who nominated and voted for my photo in November 2014's “Sweets” contest.  It was a wonderful Christmas present to learn that my image had been selected.

Each month,I look forward to learning the topic for that month’s contest.  It gives me a focus for my photography and ensures that I’ll take at least one picture of something other than my dog.

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