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April Photo Contest Theme - "Patterns"

New contest launched, voting thread posted · 04-02-2012 · By PF Staff in Photo Contests

We have just announced the theme for our official April, 2012 photo contest: it will be "Patterns".  This is yet another open-ended theme, and we hope that you will come up with some creative ideas for this contest!

You can enter by following the instructions found in the contest announcement.

Additionally, we've posted the voting thread for last month's "The Wind" contest, and we invite you to vote for your favorite photos!

As always, the winner of our monthly photos contests will receive a free pack of premium photo paper from Red River Paper, as well as recognition in our Premier Photo Gallery on on our homepage.  Good luck to all who enter!

You may also be interested in the following member-inspired competitions and challenges happening on the forum this month:

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Tags: photo contest, patterns, photography, camera, pentax

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