Pentax K-1 Firmware v1.30 Announced

New features for the K-1

By PF Staff in Photokina 2016 on Sep 19, 2016
Pentax K-1 Firmware v1.30 Announced

Pentax threw a very positive curveball at K-1 owners today by announcing a feature-enhancing firmware update for the full frame.  This update addresses a number of issues that we had identified while reviewing the camera.

  • Electronic Front Curtain Shutter in Live View
    EFCS can now be selected.  This will help alleviate shake that otherwise induces a slight degree of blur at shutter speeds in the 1/90-1/180s range.

  • 1:1 Crop Mode
    Originally found on the K-1 prototype, the square crop mode has made a return.

  • Function Dial BKT Quality-of-life Improvement
    You can now go back to single-shot mode while BKT is selected on the Function Dial.  This is a big time-saver, as previously, you had to enter the menu or turn the Function Dial to another setting to exit bracketing.

  • 2-frame AA Simulator Bracketing
    You can now choose to bracket for only the Type 2 AA filter simulator setting.

The most significant feature is the electronic shutter option, as this can be a must-have for certain applications.

We will make a separate post in the firmware updates category once the firmware becomes available for download.  It is expected on September 29th.

Press Release

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the release of the function expanding Firmware version 1.30 for PENTAX K-1 digital SLR camera (launched on April, 2016) on September 29, 2016.

The function expand firmware is to add new function or increase number of setting for currently used PENTAX K-1 camera, so that improve the function, easy handling and update to the latest function.
You can download the free function expand firmware at the official website.

Enhanced functions (PENTAX K-1 V1.30)

Release date : September 29, 2016
New Enhanced Functions
*The Electronic Shutter at Live View mode

The Electronic Shutter can be selected at the Menu to reduce camera shake from the mechanical shutter when shooting with Live View mode.
*Add the [1:1] format at the Crop mode

Added and selectable [Square format (1:1)] size at the Crop mode.
*Add [2 frames bracketing] for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]

Addition to the current [3 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE1, TYPE2)], the [2 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE2)] is added and selectable for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
*Smart Function

At the [BKT] setting, the bracketing range [±0 (=single frame)] can be selected.

*Improved stability for general performance.

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