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Pentax 50-200mm Weather Sealed Zoom Review

Read the Review! · 05-14-2012 · By PF Staff in Reviews

The SMC Pentax-DA 50-200mm Weather Resistant zoom is the latest 50-200mm lens from Pentax, and it's meant to be part of an introductory kit for your weather-sealed DSLR, such as the Pentax K-5.

The price of this lens went up by $50 following the introduction of Pentax USA's unilateral pricing policy last month, which fortunately isn't much compared to other lenses.  At the new price of $249, is this 50-200mm lens still worth it for outdoors shooters and landscape use, or as a supplement to the kit lens?  Some might say "yes" right away, because at the moment, Pentax offers no weather-sealed version of their popular 55-300mm lens. 

In any case, read our 50-200mm review to find out!

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Tags: pentax 50-200mm, pentax lens, 50-200mm WR, weather resistant, weather sealed zoom, dslr

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calsan [Delete] May 17th, 2012 1:45AM

Looking at the colour test shots of the green car, the 50-200 seems just as good as the FA50 at 50mm and f5.6. So not a bad effort for a budget zoom I would say.

Marc Sabatella [Delete] May 15th, 2012 3:04PM

The lens is capable of *much* better images at the allegedly weak 50mm end than the test shots here demonstrate. Not sure if it was a bad copy or improperly controlled test procedures, but I,d take those results with a grain of salt, personally. I've posted 100% crops from the extreme corners of wide open shots at 50mm that very good sharpness - better certainly than the 55mm end of the 18-55. Apparently links don't work here, but try visiting my Photobucket account, the "examples" gallery, and checking out image MJS_100613_9186, along with the 100% crop of the extreme upper left corner, and tell me you see a reason to avoid the 50mm end of this lens.

vk4akp [Delete] May 14th, 2012 8:56PM

I've been waiting years for a weather sealed 55-300 mm WR lens with quick shift focus. In an era where the Chinese are making everything available for less and less money day by day this crazy price rise just ensures doubly that I will not be investing in the 50-200mm WR as a stop gap and only helps to encourage me to look at other brands for future body purchases.This coming from a once fanatically loyal Pentax only owner is not a good sign at all!. :( .-.-.

Eulogy [Delete] May 14th, 2012 6:01PM

Glad to see some more in depth testing on this lens...makes me want the 55-300 for sure, any mental debate over WR is invalid when pictures come out looking like they do on this lens...

zosxavius [Delete] May 14th, 2012 8:13AM

Can anyone tell me asides from weight and weather sealing why you would buy this over the 55-300? It looks so awful at the 50mm end, even stopped down, and I imagine that a lot of people would use that from 50-100 for portraits. From what I've seen the 55-300 is better overall. I'm asking because I'm really contemplating either a 55-300 or an older f4 300, maybe even an adaptall2 300 f2.8. The AF 1.7 TC is mighty intriguing as well. Primarily these long lenses are useful to me for birding, and since I'm at 300mm a lot, I might as well go whole hog and even throw in a TC. Then there's 400mm and 500mm lenses out there....hmmm. Really I'm probably going to get a 55-300 because it looks better at the longer end than my tammy 60-300, and has nice contrast, color, and AF which is handy for portraits, maybe not so much with birds....I just don't get this lens. It has awful reviews in the user section.

joe.penn [Delete] May 14th, 2012 6:29AM

Made a mistake in the title - title says "Weather Realed" should be "Weather Sealed"...