The Making of "Pentax Table"

Winner of our February, 2016 "Tables and Chairs" photo contest

By Tapio Kekkonen in Photo Contests on Apr 8, 2016

"Pentax Table" by Tapio Kekkonen

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who voted in the PentaxForum's ”Table and Chairs” competition and special thanks to those voting me into the finals. There were so many great photo entries so it was an honour to get through to the final and this even with my first photo entry ever in any competition!

I've been taking photos almost all my life and it has been my main hobby since the 70s when I got my first Canon F1. There was a period of lazyness as I got tired of playing with the chemicals and developing, but a new interest emerged along with the digital cameras and Pentax. Now I'm eagerly waiting for my new K-1!

My photo was taken in Hanko, my home town in Southern Finland. The Hanko Peninsula, on which the city is located, is the southernmost tip of continental Finland. Hanko has a coastline of approx. 130 km of which 30 km are sandy beaches. This makes the light very special in Hanko! 

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