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Favorite Photos

Blog posts from our 2012 Pentax K-30 giveaway about our members' favorite photos. Category RSS Feed
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The Goose Family

Posted on 02-03-2013 in Favorite Photos

I love shooting nature, and being a student, I use a lot of second-hand manual focus lenses since the in-body shake reduction of the Pentax K-7 gives me the option of using old lenses with good results. Last year, when I was visiting a friend in Wayne, Pennsylvania, I happened to capture this photo which is one of my favorite shots till date.

Click photo to enlarge

In this article, I will narrate the story behind this photograph.

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Watercolor Town

Posted on 02-01-2013 in Favorite Photos

I chose this picture because it  1) illustrates the principles I want to discuss and 2) I really like both the pre and post-processing results.


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B&W Adventure and Discovery

Posted on 01-27-2013 in Favorite Photos

I would like to tell my fellow Pentaxians how I crafted this critical masterpiece.

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What "Makes" A Photo?

Posted on 01-27-2013 in Favorite Photos

I hesitated when I chose to use this photo for this submission. It' is not a magnificent photo. It was taken with a 4.1 MP point and shoot. It was "shot from the hip", the highlights are blown out. The composition could be better. In reality it was an "accident". However, I really like this picture. I would have to say it is on my short list of favorites. This got me thinking: What really "makes" a good photo? 

Click photo to enlarge

Perhaps it is the story that makes a photo. I want you to see this picture through my eyes. Let me tell you its story.

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Untouched Leaf

Posted on 01-25-2013 in Favorite Photos

As my favourite photo, I picked one that I took spontaneously, but not without some planning, while hiking in a nearby forest. I actually took a couple from different angles, but I like this one the most. The photo has a simple content and hasn't been edited much, but it is a nice photo. It has some magic about it, even though it doesn't have intense colours, powerful contrasts, and kitschy processing.

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A Frost-proof Rose Garden is Child's Play

Posted on 01-24-2013 in Favorite Photos

”With the right choice of varieties, creating a frost-proof rose garden is child’s play"

I am just a hobby photographer. I doubt I will ever make a living from my photography. All the same, there is a huge satisfaction in being able to produce something from your hobby that others consider worthwhile, and there is also the issue of financing my hobby. So, these two considerations make me very happy about the freelance photo jobs that I do manage to land now and again.

This time I had been asked to supply photos for an article in a gardening magazine about how to grow roses in Denmark, where frost in spring poses a problem. I visited the garden of the journalist several times, and photographed all the pretty varieties of roses that he pointed out as relevant. I also took “landscape” type photos of the garden, and in the end we had quite a selection of rose photos. But the editor was asking for something a bit catchier as the opening photo for the article.

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The Sun at 200mm

Posted on 01-23-2013 in Favorite Photos

This is one of my favorite photos of mine. It is not because I think it is a great photo that I like it. I like it more for the reasons that I like my children. This shot took planning, a little more work than I normally put into a photo and some trust that I could accomplish what I set out to do with very limited resources. I chose to highlight this photo for these reasons, and to show like minded folk what can be done.

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Predjama Castle

Posted on 01-23-2013 in Favorite Photos

When I was thinking which photo would be suitable to write about how it was done I thought of a photo that made people ask me that question more than any other. Even though it didn't require any special photographic techniques or post processing I picked a photo of Predjama castle:

1. Predjama castle from birds perspective

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Showing Entires 1 - 8 of 58