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Pentax K-5 II/s Review Expanded

Many new samples and tests! · Posted on 11-11-2012 in Reviews

We have recently expanded our review of the Pentax K-5 II / Pentax K-5 IIs with many new sample photos as well as additional tests and commentary.  New/expanded sections include:

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Adam [Delete] Nov 12th, 2012 1:01PM

The studio shots on DPReview were shot at a smaller aperture (F9 vs F8), so the look sharper. If you want convincing evidence, we'll pick up a K-5 II later this month and show that it's got identical IQ :)

scunning14 [Delete] Nov 12th, 2012 10:37AM

I feel like this review is for the K5IIs only and not the K5II. I know Adam says there is no difference between the K5 vs K5II as far as image quality, but after looking at many comparisons it appears that the K5II has improved on the K5 image quality. The studio shots from DPReview clearly show this.

Class A [Delete] Nov 11th, 2012 3:49AM

You write "We were not successful in provoking moiré when taking photos of landscapes with the Pentax K-5 IIs", however, the f/5.6 cacti landscape shot shows quite nasty moiré. So you were successful after all. :) And apparently without noticing, which is a nasty property of moiré; it can appear even when you don't expect it and not only with man-made things.