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Pentax K-5 Discontinued

What's left on the shelves is all you'll ever see again · Posted on 08-13-2012 in Pentax Rumors

Last week, rumors surfaced on our forum stating that the Pentax K-5 was slowly being discontinued in Japan, and that several stores were no longer carrying it.  Today, as unfortunate as it may be, it appears that these rumors were true, and that the K-5 is indeed being discontinued.  We have confirmed with multiple US retailers that the Pentax K-5 lens kit is no longer available, and it is further evidenced by the fact that the Pentax K-5 18-55mm kit is now marked as "discontinued" at B&H Photo Video in New York City. It's no surprise that it sold out first at the largest Pentax retailer, and we would also not be surprised if the Pentax K-5 body were to follow suit in the coming days.

Originally introduced in October, 2010, the K-5 served as Pentax's flagship APS-C DSLR for nearly two years.  It was undoubtedly one of the most successful and one of the most-loved Pentax cameras of all time, but that's not to say that it was perfect. Upon the introduction of the mid-range Pentax K-30 DSLR this July, the K-5 started showing its age in many areas, despite being designed to be in a higher price class.

Photokina, one of the world's largest photographic trade shows, is coming up in about one month in Cologne, Germany.  We have no doubt that the K-5's successor will be announced there, and we simultaneously hope that this successor will build upon the strong points of the K-5 and improve on it where it was lacking, rather than being an entirely new camera (we will report on this live from the event next month).

Pentax K-30 DSLR
The Pentax K-30 (shown above) is the only Pentax K-mount DSLR currently in production

Even if a successor is announced soon, however, this discontinuation does mean that Pentax will be down to just one DSLR in its entire DSLR lineup for at least two months.  After discontinuing the K-r early this year, Pentax lost their intro-level body, and with the discontinuation of the K-5, they no longer have a high-end body, either.  This puts Pentax in a tough situation, and may even end up scaring away prospective users due to the dwindling camera selection.  It also means that Pentax has decided to keep each camera's production cycle relatively short, rather than following in the footsteps of other DSLR manufacturers, who keep many of their models on the market far longer.  For camera buyers, it will also be a shame that the great K-5 prices won't be around for much longer.

When Ricoh acquired Pentax last fall, they stated that they wanted to become a serious competitor in the DSLR industry.  Now, the company is under even more pressure than ever, as both Canon and Nikon are expected to release an intro-level (i.e. affordable) full-frame DSLR at Photokina.  If Pentax follows up with an APS-C body at the event and offers no full-frame DSLR in months to follow, they may lose all hope of entering the professional DSLR market.  Based on recent trends in the camera industry, it would hardly be surprising if the APS-C DSLR would start being phased out in favor of lineups consisting exclusively of full-frame bodies, with smaller sensors allocated instead for mirrorless and compact cameras.

We have received rumors which claimed that a Pentax full-frame body has been in development since the spring, but at this point these rumors are hardly reassuring, at least until the other gaps in the Pentax DSLR lineup are filled.  While we have no doubts that Pentax cameras will never go away, and that they their quality will remain excellent, we are still keeping our fingers crossed that the Pentax full-frame is around the corner to put Pentax back in the game...

In the mean time, if you're still in the market for a Pentax K-5, secure yours now before it's gone forever!

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arnold [Delete] Aug 30th, 2012 12:50AM

Why can't they just improve what they have instead leaving buyers with expired equipment. They could have a K5b, K5c etc. Telling someone that the camera only two years in production is not worth making anymore is hardly encouraging. Have the marketing guys taken over for engineering?

solar1 [Delete] Aug 26th, 2012 5:31AM

k5 shows easy availability at this date... what is all of this nonsense about?

wick5449 [Delete] Aug 25th, 2012 10:29PM

I have the K5, and feel no need or desire to trade up, down, or anything else. It does anything I need it to do, and does it well. The video isn't competitive with some newer models, but I don't do videos. I will be interested in what they come up with, and perhaps in a couple years would be interested.

lukelbd [Delete] Aug 19th, 2012 8:34PM

i'm glad to have purchased the k-5 when its price was at a minimum, as i expect its price will bounce much higher over the next few weeks. i couldn't be more happy with it and can't wait to keep shooting until its shutter stops moving!

karlito [Delete] Aug 19th, 2012 2:55PM

@ infra4801 i would suggest just get a pentax k-r/ k-x they can take some amazing photos, canon is not as good for photos, but much much better at video than pentax is... though sony seems to be the most balanced of all, good video, good photos upto iso 3200, good selection of lenses, and good specs

karlito [Delete] Aug 19th, 2012 2:52PM

ricoh should have included a usable video mode in the pentax k01 and k30

DizziPixel [Delete] Aug 18th, 2012 12:15AM

Wow! I shied away from DSLRs until this year. I went for NOT CHEAP mega-zooms that had more to offer in features at the time I was looking and was pleased with the advantages over film. I happened on a *ist for cheap with 2 kit lenses included back in May. Then I found this forum and drooled over the K5 and soon bit the bullet and got one. I am very satisfied with what I have and the price was comparable to what my first 35mm SMC cost back in the day (a bit more than a months rent vs a mortgage payment now). What Pentax/Ricoh does now doesn't matter to me, but it is sad to hear that the K5 may go out of production after I just bought one two months ago. What a huge step up from film. I'm very content with what I have and, no doubt, something better is coming soon. That means someone with a K5 will HAVE to have the latest and greatest, and in doing so will need to sell their OLD K5 quick, so, hopefully I'll get a good deal on their "old junk" for a better 2nd body. It may mean that second hand prices for Kr's & K7s will drop too! I just hope that if there is a big announcement from Pentax at Photokina it doesn't grab me beckon me like the K5 did....

offertonhatter [Delete] Aug 16th, 2012 12:16PM

It is unusual the Pentax announce the end of a DSLR before the replacement model is announced, in the past there has been overlap. I am sure that come Photokina the replacement will be announced along with hopefully some exciting lenses too. As for full frame, I don't know. Sure FF would be nice, but most of the time APS-C is good enough for most paid work I do.
More importantly is that I would like to see more than two DSLR's in Pentax's range, they really need at least three - Entry, Mid, Semi-Pro - with a possibility of (semi)Pro FF at the top, with of course the 645D as the ultimate. I ignore the K-01, as that is for a different market really.
Still, Photokina will be interesting, and hopefully a cracking new camera with some hints at future FF (with new lenses)

infra4801 [Delete] Aug 16th, 2012 7:45AM

jwcjrccc, I have the exact same question. My only difference is that I do not own any dslr, and I've been saving for a while, considering first a Canon Rebel, then low-end Nikon, then finally reading the amazing reviews of the K-5. Then the K-30 came out. For those are fortunate to have both, please enlighten us, what do you gain/lose from one to the other?

solar1 [Delete] Aug 16th, 2012 7:34AM

Such a silly pile of poo. K5 is still available a B&H. New cameras come every 18 months. Yawn.

zosxavius [Delete] Aug 16th, 2012 5:13AM

Uh...k5 scores bad on dx0? That's news to me. That sensor is one of the cleanest aps-c sensors @ high iso. I think I'm going to buy one and put my k-7 into 2nd body status. It would be a real shame if they used the sony 24mp sensor in a k-5 replacement. I do not feel the noise tradeoff is worth it and I shoot @ 800-1200 quite a bit. I think I will be very happy with a k-5.

MarkJerling [Delete] Aug 16th, 2012 3:30AM

I see Adorama still has stock so buy or loose out. Replacement obviously coming very soon, but at what price!!!

em-tx [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 4:44PM

I do not see this camera discountinued neither. But this rumor puts me away from buying it - since there is entry level gone, hi-end gone, no FF, Pentax lenses does not score great on DXO Mark and future unsure.
I would love to buy Pentax, with new great lenses, possibly intro level FF or high end APS -C, when I see future of company.

rarsdk [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 3:03PM

I don't see the K5 on Pentax's own Discontinued Model List.

jwcjrccc [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 1:00PM

Some of you (e.g., PentxOrni and rr1736) have the K-5 and recently acquired the K-30. I've got a K-r and am thinking of getting either the K-5 or K-30. I've read about the relative merits of each. The review on this site indicates the K-30 is the better of these two cameras. I would like the opinion of someone with both cameras as to which one he/she would get if he only could get one. (I don't do much action photography if that makes any difference.) Any thoughts? Thanks.

Pentax Bob [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 12:21PM

Krugorg. Amen brother. You must have been reading my mind. Keeping my fingers crossed.

gut1kor [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 11:40AM

I would like Pentax to come up with a FF later next year and a K-5 replacement which will be even better. Rather than trying to create new segments in the camera market, its better to have a clear lineup of APS-C and FF cameras and then may be mirrorless segments. I am sure that whatever Pentax comesup with will be of best possible quality.

PentxOrni [Delete] Aug 15th, 2012 12:00AM

Recently purchased the K30 and again Pentax made visible progress. The phase out of the K5 (of which I hold 2) is a consequent step forward and prepares for new product lines to come. So, what's the hassle about here? A small manufacturer cannot deal with all items at the same time, I guess. Else I would have loved they skipped the fashionable K01 and supersmall Q-system and invest in the most contributing (selling) products 1st... but, well, we saw Pentax many times coming back with fantastic developments - why shouldn't they this time? FF was put back clearly and I expect also they will come earliest next year with sthg small that provides sthg really big... but for time being I expect nothing but a successor of the K5 with K30 features (sensor fine tuning) plus already known best handling (more direct levers, less menue driven) in the slightly bigger body.

rr1736 [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 11:18PM

I own 2 K-5's they have been the best cameras I have ever owned I hope the replacement is of the same quality. I recently purchased a K-30 nice camera but I find the shutter very lould

goldenarrow [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 6:22PM

Can't afford full frame!!! Would rather buy a new Pentax APS-C + gold ingots......

krugorg [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 4:13PM

I am excited to see what Pentax has coming for the successor.

I am hoping for a 24mpx sensor, assuming they can implement better than Sony and the lenses can keep up, and a twisty screen.

V'cuz [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 3:17PM

I hope that if Pentax does produce a Full Frame Dslr, that they would use the Sony 16.2 MP FF cmos sensor that is in the Nikon D4. That way, the camera can have a large dynamic range and shoot clean pictures to iso 8,000 - 10,000. Also Pentax would need to improve the flash and auto-focus features in order to be a viable option to Canon and Nikon.

ThorThum [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 11:54AM

Sounds like exciting news to me. I'll tell you my predictions, and we'll wait and see. Based on the interviews from Pentax posted here in the last year... Pentax pretty much stated that we'd not see a Full Frame body any time soon. They also stated that they were looking to keep making smaller and smaller form factors. So what that says to me is that they will probably be coming out with a 24mpx sensor in a K5 sized APS-C body at Photokina. Then within the next year or so be developing a FF body that has that smaller form factor that people would want. Aiming for this would give the Canikons a run for thier money. Pentax already has some FF lenses in the line up, as well as APS-C. Indeed thier engineers are being re-hired to develop both these line ups. I love my K5, it's a great camera. I'm still happy with my K200D as a back up. They both take beautiful photos. I'll probably wait a couple of more years before either of them get replaced. Just don't be dissapointed when there is no FF at Photokina. Pentax may be slow at development, but when they come out with something they usually hit the ball into the stands. Maybe by that time used 645Ds will come down in price. I'd gladly take one of those over a FF.

Asp Explorer [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 11:15AM

It's pretty sad, but we must consider the good side. Pentoh doesn't have the same industrial base as Canikon, and they can't afford having more than 2 DSLRs in production at the same time. Considering you have to work some month to setup the production line, it's normal that there are gaps in the product availability. The good news is that there is something new in the pipe to replace the K5. I love my K5 and it will remain my workhorse for a while, but I'm glad to know that when it dies, there will be an up-to-date body to screw my lens collection on.

audiobomber [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 8:12AM

> Based on recent trends in the camera industry, it would hardly be surprising if the APS-C DSLR would start being phased out in favor of lineups consisting exclusively of full-frame bodies, with smaller sensors allocated instead for mirrorless and compact cameras.

There's no way Ricoh Pentax will phase out APS-C bodies. That would negate most of their current lens line and lose most of their customer base, who have in case you haven't noticed, already chosen APS-C, and not FF Canon, Sony or Nikon. This is baseless speculation and pure nonsense IMO. Come on, I expect better from Pentax Forums.

jake14mw [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 7:12AM

I hope there are enough K-5s left in stock for people to buy for people that really want them until the new camera is available. How can you have no higher end camera available or even announced?

I think this site generally does a good job at providing an objective view of things Pentax, but saying that full frame is necessary because APS-C is going away anytime soon is really stretching it. I would love to see a full frame model announced, but the fact is that full frame models are beyond the budget of the vast majority of members here. They need to have a model for intermediate/advanced amatuers, and prosumers.

Urkeldaedalus [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 6:58AM

With the K-5 being discontinued I am guessing they are trying to be aggressive in getting a successor body ready for fall release. Maybe multiple bodies, even, since so many of their cameras are due for updates.

Mr. B [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 6:41AM

It would be stupid if they put the Sony 24mpix sensor in the successor of the K-5...

RaZZ3R [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 6:39AM

The world is moving beyound the middle-class sized DSLRs because you can get the same IQ in lower size mirrorless and if you want better IQ you can go to big sized full-frame. ASP-C format will stay but the size of Canon XXXD/XXD, Nikon DXXXX, Pentax KX/KXX, Sony AXX will die of slowly to give way to smaller body, but not necesarly smaller sensor size. And I do agree that Pentax needs a FF DSLR if it want's to compet with the biger boys because offering lower numbers of camera choices (especialy after killing the compacts) it can not survev with just a selection of 3 choices of DSLR no matter how good the quality of there products are and will be.

123jippo [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 4:13AM

How can K5 be discontinued and even last ones sold out if there is no new model to replace K5 yet? K30 is not enough for some people needs. Pentax will loose some new pentaxians to other time wait until u have replacing model to buy!

RKIT [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 3:13AM

Wait and see Photokina this year, I believe that Pentax will show us something new but it gonna be APSC or FF?

JFN [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 2:57AM

K-3 coming up? Most probably APS-C, a big brother to K-30.

olypdd [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 2:56AM

Purchased mine in recent months and love it. No regrets. I agree with the sentiment "get one while you still can....if you can".

rainwilds [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 2:40AM

Other than a better autofocus system, how much better do you really need than the K-?. When I hear people complain that there is nothing coming and that they need a FF; come-on are serious?

rainwilds [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 2:38AM

@rormeister I totally agree. When they say 'weaknesses', what are they talking about?

rainwilds [Delete] Aug 14th, 2012 2:36AM

Just bought a K-5 finally in July. Glad I did now as the prices are sure not to stay cheap. What the hell is Pentax doing though binning their high-end DSLR with nothing to replace it for now?

Sol Invictus [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 10:42PM

@rormeister. Just Wow. Admitting a camera had weaknesses (and still praising it to high heaven) get you so worked up? PF is not an official arm of Pentax marketing nor should it be. It is you who needs to get a grip.

Alizarine [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 10:20PM

Looks like they're not going to do it the way the K-r came in before the K-x went out...
Saving lots of money, Pentax is, and I hope it is for something BIG and EXCELLENT. :)

calsan [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 9:59PM

A "Slightly" melodramatic editorial... K5 is only discontinued because something else will be released, so Pentax is hardly rushing towards the precipice with this news.

PentaxRev [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 8:25PM

I ordered a new K-5 body today and I'm not sorry. I did the same thing at nearly the same point in the K-7's cycle. Yes the K-5s replacement will certainly be a better camera, there is no doubt about that, but it will also come at a premium price. Right now Pentax is also offering their 2 year extended warranty (3 years total)for only $20 more. That makes it a truly killer deal. The handwriting has been on the wall for a while now that the K-5 was about to come to the end of it's sales cycle. Since the replacement camera will almost certainly arrive at around twice the price of the K-5 to my way of thinking means, it's the perfect time to purchase a K-5.

rormeister [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 8:13PM

Pentax Forums continues to editorialize in a truly disgusting manner. Face it, the K-5 was and is a magnificent camera. To say that there were "weaknesses" is just plain garbage. Price/Performance this camera is outstanding. I really get tired of the bashing your website continues to dish out to Pentax. I'm quite embarrassed to admit I am a long time member of PF, albeit not active (due to the fractured bent on bashing Pentax). Get a grip.

Tonto [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 6:52PM

Photokina is looking more and more interesting, just 1 month now, hopefully IF there is a new model in the wings it won't take too long to hit market. Makes sense as it gives retailers a month to clear stock before official news of replacement hits. BTW plenty of retailers still have Kr-K30-K5 and K-01 in stock making a pretty good visible line-up for the consumer who doesn't follow camera news.

Pål Jensen [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 6:01PM

I wasn't aware that professionals must use or even prefer FF. Most I know, and most I've seen work by, use APS even if they use Nikon and Canon.
The idea that FF will replace APS has no basis in reality no more than the death of the DSLR we heard for two or three years or more (in the meantime DSLR sales continue to increase). We hear this every time an new FF camera hit the shelves. But the FF Nikon will be followed by the D400 which is the camera the K-5 replacement will be measured against: it will be just as professional as anything else....

Rupert [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 5:48PM

Better get one while you can......the K5 still outshines most of what is being offered in the area of IQ and low light high ISO shooting. Not much surpasses it...not much matches it!

zmohie [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 5:40PM

it is pentax time to build the first mirrorless full frame cam.
many of non ally fan cameras they will buy such this cam if it is in a affordable price 1600$+

LFLee [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 5:22PM

sigh.... I am now using an discontinued model...

^^ Looking forward to the new model. Tempted to get the K-30 to replace my K200 as 2nd camera body(finally a close replacement for K200), but decided to get the K5 replacement instead. Will wait for it! If it is FF, even better!

Glass is not an issue - when mirrorless came out, not much lens to go with these camera as well. Beside, Pentax has lots of FF lenses!

trunk [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 5:16PM

I still can't convince myself that it is a good idea to replace the k-7|k-5 line with a FF one. In my honest opinion, it would be better to retain the k-7|k-5 line and ADD another product space BETWEEN k-5 line and Medium Format line - the FF product line. That is a stronger way to play the market.

If we are going to analyze what Nikon and Canon are doing, they have entry level and pro level for APS-C and Full Frame. Ricoh would want to compete with this having entry level and pro level in both APS-C and FF space too - and on the of that the Medium Format.

So my bet is we have a APS-C to be announced at Photokina and the FF is on its way next year.

dcshooter [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 5:08PM

How about two successors? I.E. a full-frame body at say $2250-2500 and a high-end APS-C at the K-5's original price point (~$1500) to bridge the gap between the FF and the K-30?

One can dream...

kenez [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 3:58PM

FF is for professionals, IMO Pentax is for enthusiast. All FF cameras are heavy bulky and not really for the everyday people. This means, at least for me, that the K5 successor need to be a better but APS-C camera, or at least I wait for that. If the newer high end will be FF and Pentax can keep the size and weight at the current size and mass, then hurray for it. Otherwise they will lose many people, because they currently have nothing for an enthusiast photographer.

wed7 [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 3:58PM

(Full frame) lenses, more lenses, revision of sdm lenses specially the zoom ones (full frame), that's the reason why many pros shy away from Pentax the dreaded sdm and no FF plans for the meantime..

but i will still remain a pentax user, because i will not use sdm lenses nor can afford one, specially if pentax start producing FF lineups.

moreover, pentax is eyeing the MF not FF, medium format.

DaveHolmes [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 3:46PM

I'm pretty much set for full frame lenses... Lets go Pentax I want to upgrade from my K-x in the next year!!!

DeadJohn [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 3:22PM

APS-C can already challenge full frame. Assuming the replacement further improves on the K5's IQ and fantastic low light performance, while remaining compact and 1/2 the cost of the D800, then the K5 is a better camera for me. In the USA, Pentax' challenge is not making good cameras, it's letting people know that they exist amid all the Canon and Nikon marketing.

mikeuk [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 2:22PM

I still believe a APS-C sensor that can challenge full frame IQ is the way to go. Not all professionals prefer full frame. A robust body, accurate AF or perhaps 16 bit RAW, would keep me with Pentax, APS-C or full frame.

Annatefkah [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 2:19PM

If Pentax come out with a full frame dSLR then they will also have to come up with a new range of lenses as most are now designed for the smaller sensors.

deadwolfbones [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 2:03PM

lol, unless it's a FF dSLR it has no chance of "beating" the D800, and even then I'd say it's unlikely. Pentax would be wise not to attempt to beat Nikon on their own terms (at this time) and focus on providing something different.

igor [Delete] Aug 13th, 2012 1:37PM

hope they know what they're doing... the upcoming K-5 successor must be a SUPERB performer and beat the D800 to bring the attention (and cu$$$tomers) back to Pentax. Fingers crossed....