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Pentax Optio VS20 Available

Now in stock in the US · Posted on 03-13-2012 in Pentax-Related News

The Pentax Optio VS20, announced in January, has just hit the shelves in the United States!  Available at its MSRP of $249, this innovative camera features a shutter release button on the side as well as a 20x zoom lens for telephoto shooting.

Full VS20 Specifications | Buy Now

Last week, the Optio WG-2/WG-2 GPS also hit the shelves, meaning that both of the new Pentax point-and-shoots are now available for purchase if you are looking to upgrade your current camera.

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Eulogy [Delete] Mar 17th, 2012 7:11AM

Quite nice P&S there, makes me wonder why all camera companies can't make simple things like dual shutter buttons a reality.(Or why only 1/4 of them seem to actually coat their lenses on such cameras)

sam-joseph [Delete] Mar 13th, 2012 7:17PM

I like the look of this one, even more so than the K-01. This might be a good replacement for the X70 I don't use. Good specs,though who really needs 16MP in a compact?