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Pentax Reviews: Cameras, Lenses, and Flashes

Welcome to our in-depth Pentax gear reviews! We feature a broad selection of Pentax DSLR, flash and Pentax/third-party lens reviews. To begin browsing our in-depth Pentax reviews, please select a category below:

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Our Lens Rating Scale

We use a ten-point scale to rate the lenses that we review, in which the top score is a 10. The overall score of a lens is determined by the taking the average of the following sub-scores:

  • Sharpness
    Criteria considered include center sharpness, corner sharpness, sharpness wide-open, and resolution.

  • Aberrations/Distortions
    Criteria considered include color reproduction, severity of vignetting, severity of chromatic aberrations, geometric distortion, presence of flare and ghosting, effectiveness of the lens hood, and presence of special coatings/glass elements.

  • Bokeh
    Criteria considered include nature of bokeh and number of aperture blades.

  • Autofocus
    Criteria considered include autofocus speed, noise, and presence of DC/SDM technology. This sub-score is left out for manual-focus lenses.

  • Handling
    Criteria considered include build quality, throw, smoothness of zoom/focusing rings, presence of internal focusing/zooming, presence of weather sealing, size, weight, control surfaces, and shape.

  • Value
    Criteria considered include versatility, price, features, resale value, appeal, and overall quality.

The following icons may appear throughout lens reviews:

Screwdrive AutofocusClassic Screwdrive AutofocusSupersonic AutofocusSupersonic Autofocus
Automatic ApertureLens with Automatic ApertureAperture RingLens with Aperture Ring
Internal ZoomingLens has Internal ZoomInternal FocusingLens has Internal Focus
Full-Frame SupportFull-Frame LensAPS-C Digital OnlyAPS-C Only Digital Lens
Weather SealedWeather-SealedQuick ShiftQuick-Shift Focusing in AF Mode
Powered ZoomingPowered ZoomingBuilt-in HoodBuild-in Lens Hood
Adapter needed for DSLRsAdapter required for Pentax DSLRsDiscontinuedDiscontinued