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Pentax K-3 Review

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Oben AC-1310 vs. AC-1410 Tripod Comparison

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I wanted to include a little background information with this review to help you see where I'm coming from.

First, although I've used many tripods over the years I've never used a ball head before. I wasn't sure I'd like it due to just one screw tightening all movement.

I'm used to multiple twists and turns, clamps and screws to adjust one movement at a time.

My other tripods include a Vanguard, Samsonite and Bogen, all pan head tripods. I was used to setting one axis at a time, one screw at a time. I thought with the ball head it would be difficult to keep the camera level when making small adjustments. You'll read more about this later in the review.

Here's a sample shot I took of star trails a while back with the Bogen tripod, a nice and heavy tripod to reduce ground vibration.

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