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Oben AC-1310 vs. AC-1410 Tripod Comparison

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There's about a million different tripods out there to choose from. You can spend $1,000 on one (not even including the head) or purchase a tripod for as little as $10. I've even received one or two for free with the purchase of cameras.

With all the choices out there this review will take a look at two reasonably priced, well-built tripods. The products are two models, quite similar, from the same brand so if you're looking at jumping in and buying a tripod this might help you consider some of the available features.

This review covers two tripods, both available at B&H Photo and Video:

Tripods aren't just for holding a camera. Personally I use tripods to hold my flashes more often than cameras. Whatever your use for a tripod the fact remains the same: When you need one, you need one.

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Review originally published on April 30th, 2012