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Pentax 645D Review vs. Nikon D3x

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Sample Photos

In this section we present a number of photos taken with the 645D. All photos were shot in RAW and converted with Adobe Raw Converter. Unless otherwise noted the photos were then "smart sharpened" (110%, radius 0.7) in Photoshop CS5. Click on a photo to download the full sized JPEG file.

Dancing Kids

These images were taken at f/16 with the FA 80-160mm f/4.5 zoom lens in auto-focus mode. No exposure compensation. The image to the right has not been sharpened. Click on an image to download it in full size.

Dancing kids, sharpenedDancing kids, no sharpening

Smart sharpened (16 MB)                                            No sharpening (14 MB)

Hotel and Palm Trees

The image below to the right is a 100% crop of the image to the left. The resulting file is less than 1 MB for faster download for users with low bandwidth. Again we used the FA 80-160 f/4.5mm zoom set at f/16. No exposure compensation.

Hotel and palm treesHotel and palm trees - 100% crop

Entire image (21 MB)                                                    100% crop (1 MB)

Various Samples

The first of these images were taken with the FA 80-160mm zoom at f/16 and ISO 200, the other two with the FA 45mm prime lens at f/11 and ISO 400 and 200, respectively.

Park and doorTree and house

Trees - full imageTrees - resampled to 1024 x 767

        Full image (22 MB)                                      Resampled to 1024 x 767 (1 MB)

RAW Master Files

Two RAW files are available for download from this archive (121 Mb).

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