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Pentax K-30 Review

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What's in the Box

The K-30 comes packed in a sleek, understated box with a black/silver gradient design (the camera is also available in white and blue). Unlike the K-01's designer logo and presentation, the K-30 box recalls the K-5, K-r, and K-x's simple layout, with a subtly redesigned take all its own.

Opening the box, you first find the manuals and warranty paperwork. Flipping up the cardboard lid on which these rest reveals the camera itself (in bubble wrap, inside its own reinforced box-within-a-box), the charger and battery, power and USB cables, and the standard black and red Pentax neck strap.


  • Pentax K-30 camera body w/ body cap and hot shoe cover FK
  • Standard Pentax camera strap
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery D-LI109 (not pictured)
  • Battery charger D-BC109
  • Power cord
  • USB cable I-USB7
  • Operating manual (290 pages, English)
  • Quick start guide (not pictured)
  • CD-ROM S-SW128 w/ SilkyPix Developer Studio 3.0 for Pentax
  • Serial number card for camera (not pictured)
  • Warranty information sheet (not pictured)
  • Notification of Change in Company Name (not pictured)
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