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Pentax K-5 II / IIs Review

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What's in the Box

Pentax K-5 IIs Box

Pentax hasn't done much to update the box design of the K-5 II/IIs; the look is shared with that of its predecessor.  Inside, you will find the usual accessories, in addition to a redesigned neck strap:

K-5 II - In the Box

  • the manual
  • software CD
  • body and viewfinder caps
  • camera strap (O-ST132)
  • USB cable (I-USB7)
  • AV cable (I-AVC7)
  • lithium-ion battery (D-LI90)
  • charger and power cord (D-BC90)

The same battery is also used by the Pentax K-5, 645D, K-7, and K-01.

Pentax K-5 II Box Typo
There is a typographical error on the side of the box: the K-5 II/IIs has the Prime II imaging engine, not the Prime M (which is found in the K-30 and K-01).

The new neck strap (middle) seems to have been inspired by others in the industry:

New Pentax Strap (Middle)

Kit Options

Pentax K-5 IIs with 18-135mm

In the US, Pentax K-5 II is available as a body only, with an 18-55mm weather-resistant kit lens, or with an 18-135mm weather-resistant all-around lens.  The latter gives you a bundle savings of approximately $179.  The MSRP pricing is $1199, $1349, and $1549, respectively.

The K-5 IIs is solely available as a body only for $1299, which is bad news for those that wanted to save on the 18-135mm.  On the other hand, the K-5 IIs should generally be used with better lenses (such as Pentax DA* or Limited lenses) if you want to take advantage of its higher-resolution sensor.

More information on these two lenses can be found in our Pentax lens database.

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