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Review of: Lowepro Apex 120 AW by hcc on Thu April 7, 2016 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I like to take my camera (K-3) with a mounted lens, as my basic photographic setup. I usually do not want to swap lenses, because I am outdoor in any weather. I need a small camera bag which can hold a Pentax dSLR with a lens, plus small pockets for USB cable, spare memory cards, battery charger, fibreless cloth... I used a Lowepro Toploader TLZ1 but I wanted a replacement. The Lowepro Apex 120 AW meets nicely my needs. The bag is compact, it contains many small pockets, it si well designed and easy to access. It fits nicely my K-3 with a DA18-270mm, plus the batter charger and cables, as well as 2-3 spare SD cards and clothes. The bag is well padded inside as well as outside. It is solid and protect nicely the camera gears. I rate it 9 to 9.5 and I can recommend it highly.

Review of: OP/TECH Pro Loop Strap by hcc on Mon February 1, 2016 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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I bought two Pro Loop straps for my K-01 and K-3. The strap is lightweight, very comfortable and very convenient. I carry often my K-3 around the neck, and I like very much the excellent padding. -- Update: after 4 months of usage, I am very happy with this strap. It is super nice --- Highly recommended.

Review of: Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun by hcc on Fri October 17, 2014 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I was in need for an external microphone to record a video documentary on an environmental estuarine process. I wanted to record the sound generated by the flow, from the bank. Thus I needed a directional shotgun with low frequency recording capability. After some limited Internet research, I settled for the Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun because of its performances, lightweight and small size (very important when you travel). The Rode VideoMic Pro come in a well-packaged box. The instructions are clear and simple. First you need to install the 9V battery. Then plug the mic and it is ready. The VideoMic Pro shotgun comes with rubber band shock absorbers and there is a pair of extra rubber bands. I used with my K-3 the external mic, including some test with both the internal mic and the external microphone, Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun. The recordings were done mostly at night to reduce the interferences caused by noises of spectators, machinery, cars, ... The basic outcome was that the internal mic of the K-3 was crap. Simply its lowest frequency range was about 100-150 Hz and it could not detect the low rumble frequencies, typically within the range 60-100 Hz, that I wanted. PS: Beware that you need to connect and switch on the external microphone, before switching on the K-3. Otherwise, the K-3 does not always recognise the external microphone. On the other hand, the Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun works extremely well. Its frequency range [40 Hz-20,000 Hz] was perfect for the job. The microphone is a shotgun which must be aimed to the source. It is very light (80 g without battery) and ideal for travelling. It was also integrated shock mounting. The con: the buttons are small and almost impossible to use at night. In particular the On/Off button has 3 positions, On, Off and On with 80 Hz cutoff. I got caught up once setting the 80 Hz cutoff by mistake. Overall I would highly recommend the Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun as an external microphone. The small size and light weight are perfect for travelling. I rate it 9/10, because I deem the switch on/off too small and difficult to use in darkness. More on my experience at [LEFT]: [/LEFT]

Review of: LowePro Nova 140AW by hcc on Fri May 23, 2014 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I was after a top-loader bag to fit my Pentax K-3 mounted with a typical zoom lens, like the DA18-250mm zoom or DA17-70mm, plus the batter charger, a spare . I had previously a Lowepro Toploader TLZ1 which fitted nicely my K-7 and would fit nicely the K-3 batter charger, USB cable, a couple of spare memory cards and fibreless clothes. I visited several brick-and-mortar photo shops and I tested more than a dozen of bags. I was very disappointed by many bags, lacking padding, or without separators. I selected the Lowepro Nova 140AW at the end , although it was not on my initial list. Why? Because there is no better test than to go in person to try, and most brick-and-mortar shops are great place to try. The Lowepro Nova 140AW fits nicely my needs. It has two dividers and plenty of space. The bag is well-padded to cushion any impact. The shoulder strap is great: wide and well padded. The hand strap is also well padded. It is very comfortable bag to carry, with the L-3 and a lens inside. It is roomy and I can include a spare pancake lens like a Pentax DA Ltd easily if I need. Altogether the padding makes this bag very comfortable, and nicer than my older Lowepro TLZ1 toploader. Any cons: well, it is slightly larger than my older TLZ1 (current Toploader AW bags are not as nice). There are only 3 colours available. The separators inside could be better designed in my opinion to support a dSLR. Overall I can recommend strongly the Nova 140 AW for a single lens+camera, easy to carry, all-weather, nicely padded.

Review of: OP/Tech Neoprene soft pouch D-SLR Mid-size by hcc on Thu January 17, 2013 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I selected a D-SLRmid- size that fits my K-7 (or K-01) with an all-around zoom lens (DA18-135 or DA18-250mm). It works nicely, the pouch is strong and it protect will the camera. The pouch is attached to the camera using the tripod screw. The construction quaity is excellent. Overall I am quite happy with the pouch and its quality. I can recommend it to anyone who is after a neopren soft pouch.

Review of: Lowepro Apex 100 AW by hcc on Fri November 16, 2012 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I bougth the Lowepro Apex 100 AW for my Pentax K-01. The bag can contain the K-01 with a (mounted) pancake lens, plus an spare memory card and the USB cable. The result is a very neat, nimble package to take my K-01 with me. The bag can be carried on the belt, with a shoulder strap or with a handle. With this bag, the K-01 can be carried very nicely anywhere and it looks like any P&S camera bag. The external dimensions of the bag are: 13cm X 11.5cm X 16cm. The raincover is great and easy access. The bag is padded and protect nicely the camera. The bag opening is wide and the access to the K-01 is very easy. This is great: I can get a solid grip to the camera straight away. The cons: there is no space for the battery charger, another lens or even any other accessory beyond a memory card and the USB cable. In a nutshell: all in all I recommend very strongly the bag for any K-01 with a pancake lens. I would rate the bag at 9.5 because it does all what I need.

Review of: LowePro Lens Case 1 (Black) by hcc on Sun February 12, 2012 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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I have two identical cases. They can carry any of my DA10-17mm, FA31m, VL58mm, DA 18-250mm lenses. This versatility is very convenient. The case is very sturdy. The padding is excellent. I added a sling to carry the case(s) around my shoulder when I need. Like any case, I always recommend to try first with your lenses. Go to your local store, and they will be helpful (if they want to stay in the business).

Review of: Pentax D-BC90 Battery Charger (for D-LI90 batteries) by hcc on Fri January 20, 2012 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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The battery charger comes with the K-7 camera. It is relatively slow to charge the battery, but a slow charge is good to maintain the battery life. Further the charger charges the battery fully and the green LED light comes off when fully-charged. Off course a bonus is that it comes free with the camera. In my opinion the battery charger is as good quality if not better than most battery chargers provided with digital cameras.

Review of: Imagenomic LLC Noiseware by hcc on Thu September 1, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I have Noiseware Standard editon stand-along version 2.6, and I review here this version. Noiseware Standard edition is available on several versions: - a freeware which can be freely installed and used, but does not do batch processing and does not save the EXIF data, - a stand alone version - a plug-in version. The freeware version is very good and it can be very highly recommended. I used it for a few weeks and I was very happy with the results, hence I purchased it. The stand alone version is version efficient and this is the version that I use nowadays. Noiseware does a great job to remove noise, and the finishing product is very pleasing. I did compare Noiseware with PDCU 4.33. Both are very efficient fr noise removal but I prefer the finishing touch of Noiseware. The batch processing is very easy to use. Overall the interface is very easy to use for a beginner. My sole critism is the simplicity of the controls. I would have prefer a control interface with sliders like PDCU. This is a personal opinion and a minor point IMO. Al in all I can recommend highly Noiseware for noise removal.

Review of: PTLens PTLens by hcc on Mon August 29, 2011 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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PTLens is a small utility software dedicated to lens distortion correction as well as vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective corrections. The software is simple to use, and user-friedly. Most important the software is very accurate. As such it can be highly recommended to architects, engineers and professionals. The developer provides excellent support and is prepared to add a new lens to the database based upon test samples that you provide him. I tried it myself and I got a response within 48h. Vey impressed. In two years of usage, I have not a single complaint. And the price is very, very reasonable. I use the stand-alone version. PTLens is also available as a plug-in. In conclusion: highly recommended.

Review of: Pentax Digital Camera Utility 4 by hcc on Mon August 29, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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I have used PDCU for nearly 2 years since I got my K-7. I now use version 4.33 that I review here, and which a major improvement from the version 4.11 that I tried first. PDCU is a powerful image editor. It carries all the basic functions and more. Some features (eg dodge) are only available on more expensive softwares. The qualty of the image outputs is excellent. Since the software is distributed by Pentax, it is regularly updated to handle the latest developments incl. new lenses, GPS, .... Recent improvements included a new noise reduction function with sldier, the dodge function, ... The version 4.33 is in particular much more stable than the earlier version and can handle batch processing. Lastly it is free and possibly the best value fo money software on the market. The main criticisms are: - the software is not the most user-friendly; - the help file and documentation is thin; - PDCU recognises only Pentax lenses for lens distortion correction; for accurate lens distortion correction, PTLens can be strongly recommended. All in all I can recommend strongly PDCU although I coudl understand that some prefer to invest in a more user-friendly interface.

Review of: Hoodman Super Hoodskins (Model SHSK 3) by hcc on Sat June 18, 2011 | Rating: 7 View more reviews 

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The super hooskins is basically a non-adhesive skin to fit on the LCD screen to prevent scratches and impact damage. It comes in a box with 2 skins. (I have the 3" LCD screen size.) My main criticism is the poor installation instructions. It took me nearly half an hour to understand how to peel off the plastic cover and to find which side applies to the LCD. I nearly gave up. Anyone people could have done a much better job to write the instructions.... Once installed, the skin is very thin, basicaly invisible and you almost forget that you have one. The adhesion is excellent. The skin is very clear and it protects nicely the screen. Not for the installation instructions (or lack of clear), I would rate 9.5/10 this product.

Review of: Lowepro Pro runner 200AW by hcc on Sat June 18, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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The backpack is designed to hold a body and up to 6-8 lenses. I can fit my K-7 with 7 lenses incl. 1 300mm tele lens, and several relatively large primes (125mm, 90mm, 85mm). The bag is well design with a lot of pads which may be re-organised to match your lens line-up. The opening is wide and the lenses are well accessible. The backpack is confortable to carry even with a full load. There are several pockets inside and outside for accessories incl. battery chargers, cards,... I can recommend strongly, but would recommend that you test it first to ensure that its design is your style.

Review of: Lowepro Toploader TLZ1 by hcc on Fri June 17, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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The Toploader TLZ1 is the perfect bag for a dSLR and a lens. The lens can be up to a medium-size zoom. For example, a K-7 + the DA18-250mm with its hood in position (extended) fit just in. The bag is well padded. There is an outside pocket that fits the battergy charge and a couple of cable. An inside pocket can hold a card and a cloth. The bag is very compact. It is very easy to extract quickly the camera when needed. The bag is surprisingly large inside despite its compact size. I can recommend it strongly for anyone using 1 camera + 1 body, in need for a compact bag from which the camera can be extracted rapidly.

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