Discovering Fearlessness in New Zealand

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By Heie in It's Good to Be Fearless on May 15, 2013

Why it's good to be FEARLESS? Hymm, that is very good question. Maybe because it's not enough to have a dream. Maybe you have to put away your fears and make everything to make that dream come true! I had a dream. It was New Zealand to go there.

To see. To touch...

I was too fearful that it was too far away and my English is not good enough, ect. Too many exuses, very little action. But there was a day when I said "STOP!" and that day was begining of my fearless time in my life. One decision, one credit card, and I was on my way to New Zealand. I spent one year there and it was time of my life!!

So when you ask me why it's good to be FEARLESS? I will tell you because you have but one life. No more and no less. Throw away all your fears and make it unique. New Zealand was the begining of adventure with photography for me, and here is my story in slideshow.

- hubetek

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