Fearlessness Approaching Niagara

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By Heie in It's Good to Be Fearless on May 15, 2013

My name is Martynas (Marty that's how you can call me) and I live in Lithuania.

It is good to be FEARLESS

The Pentax K-5 is the very first my DSLR camera. I was always looking for possibilities to buy it, and two years ago, I had finally bought it. I am one of the happiest Pentax camera users!

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To become an amateur photographer was my dream. And two years ago, that dream become reality! Well, I use the 18-55mm + 50-200mm WR lenses, and I also have the M 50mm F1.7 Lens. And what about being fearless? My second dream is to get lot's of Pentax lenses, becoming a real profesional photographer by using them. I always wanted to fly to the sky with a hot air balloon, but I have fear of heights. It's sad, because I am always getting nervous before a flight on planes. As you will see in my video, that I have made in March for this contest, I have been to USA for a total of 7 times. The last time I was in USA, I took my K-5. I had bought the D-BG4 for my camera in B&H store in New York. When I was going by the Niagara Falls on a small ship, I was filming the entire time. I was safe about my camera. I knew that the Pentax K-5 can be used in the strong rain! I was totally happy, especially when other people on the ship were hiding their cameras under the raincoats, I was using my camera without any fear!

Let's get bach to the theme. If I could be FEARLESS, I could fly. Fly like that duck in my video. I could take off and fly. Fly with a hot air balloon, make a lot of great pictures from the flight of bird's. If I could be FEARLESS, I could do much more than I do. I would join the Dakar Rally. I love that race!! I would love to be there as a photographer, and maybe even as a driver! It is just a dream now. A dream of winning DA 16-50mm F2.8. With this lens I could be more profesional. Take better pics, work faster, and without any fear of not enough light. This lens is a thing I dream about....

I know, my English is not very good. My description of being FEARLESS is not perfect like others can write in their native language. I am doing my best, to win that prize. And I am afraid to lose a perfect chance of possibility to get one of the best wide angle lens of PENTAX. I believe, I could win. I trust my self. I am reaching for it!! I know I can!!
Thank you so much for your time usage in reading my post. And have a great feeling while watching my video.

- M.G.S.




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