Fearlessness, Not Recklessness

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By Heie in It's Good to Be Fearless on May 17, 2013

It is good to be fearless because fear cripples mankind's ability to enjoy life, as well as our ability to view the world in an artistic manner...

Pentax eBooks

I have made it a personal goal to overcome fear so that I may enjoy life to its fullest, and I believe that it shows in my images. Being fearless has given me the strength to face the boundaries of the fiercest monsoon storms in New Mexico. It has also blessed me with the courage to lay on the desert floor, face to face with provoked rattlesnakes.

I study every situation before engaging the subject with my camera, to avoid fearlessness from becoming foolishness. I recently sold my Canon EOS 20D setup and bought a Pentax K5 body. I have never had a lens that was endowed with weather sealing, and I currently do not have a lens for my new K5. If I were to acquire your lens with its extremely adventurous background I would certainly use it for 90% of my images as well.

I would be privileged and honored for your old friend to become my first and I would surely use it on all of my adventures as I fearlessly pursue my passion!




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