Vagabonding with Care

DA* 16-50 Giveaway Entry #6

By Heie in It's Good to Be Fearless on Apr 14, 2013

Hi everyone.

Firstly, thanks for this competition and the opportunity to participate.

I consider myself a very careful person not seeking real threats during my photo trips. I am also not an adrenaline sport lover. Despite these facts I have found myself several times in situations where I was asking myself during my journey or after why I am doing this? Is it worth it?

"Haunted Cabin" Location: Cergov Mountain, Slovakia Gear: my old, first camera, Lumix DMCFZ18

I am big fan of mysteries, horror stories and things like that. When I encountered for the first time stories about abandoned cottages hidden within the woods I thought it would be nice to visit these locations and do some nice "adventure" photos from inside and around them. So I went there. I like being in the woods a lot, but hiking within woods alone and with misty weather all around..., well not the right place for me. Now I know it. When i stood there, with that freaky old abandoned cabin in front of me, somehow all those ghost stories from horror films I watched came to my mind and I was sure that shooting outside the cabin only is enough for that moment


"My Land" Location: Zadiel, Slovakia Gear: Lumix DMCFZ18

I tried to capture the great view from the top of a mountain and in the same time create a self portrait. So I put my camera on a very light (my first) tripod and went to the edge hoping that neither me nor my camera would fall off the cliff I did not do the same portrait shot later from a similar spot. I hope you liked it. BW conversion with photoshop, noise added on purpose.


"Final Destination" Location: Folkmar Rocky Mountain, Slovakia Gear: Lumix DMCFZ18

Before I reached the top of this mountain, the weather suddenly changed and I saw a storm quickly approaching my way. I knew it would be much safer to start my way back as soon as possible without reaching my final destination but somehow I was thrilled by the upcoming storm and the great atmosphere. I continued with my trek and reached the top, did a few shots, and started my run down the hill just in time. With heavy rain behind my back, it was not as enjoyable as it was shooting a few minutes before I moved from the top of the hill

I hope you like my artistic approach. I am sure I will be able to find the right place and right time for shooting with my first DA* lens and to bring more thrilling photos

- romansolar

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