Editor's Photo Picks, April 2016

Some of the great photographs posted this month

By PF Staff in Columns on Apr 22, 2016

Welcome to the second installment of our monthly column, where we present a number of photographs that stand out amongst the many photos that our users have posted the past month in the various sections of the forum.

Since we don't monitor each and every photo posted, the selection may seem a bit random.  If you come across a photo that you think deserves a shout-out, be sure to leave a Like or comment in the thread where it was originally posted!

First up is a photograph of the northern lights shot in Alta, Norway. We find this one truly unique in that all elements have come together beautifully: The foreground, well-defined subjects in the distance, the stars, and last but not least, the light phenomena, captured here so that you get a sense of pulsating light. This photo was posted by Nitrogliserin in the Post Your Photos forum.

"Northern Lights" by Nitrogliserin - Pentax K-3, 12mm lens

The next pick is from the Mini-Challenges, Games and Photo Stories forum with the theme sunsets. It was captured by user Hattifnatt in Circus Park in Romania. What makes this image stand out (besides it photographic qualities) is the spookiness it conveys, at least for yours truly! I cannot help but wonder what's lurking in the shadows!

"Sunset" by Hattifnatt

We are closing with an image by nEjmEd shot on film with a Pentax K1000. It is fascinating how the circular pattern makes an otherwise ordinary photo into something very special. Add to that the technical mastery in the form of excellent tonal range and contrast.

"Young Explorer" by nEjmEd - Pentax K1000, smc Pentax-M 135mm F3.5





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