Editor's Photo Picks, March 2016

Some of the great photographs posted this month

By PF Staff in Columns on Mar 24, 2016

To counterbalance the recent abundance of gear-related news and resources, we would like to make a return to the photographic side of Pentax Forums.  In this monthly column, we will present a number of stand-apart photographs that our users have posted in various sections of the forum.

Since we don't monitor each and every photo posted, the selection may seem a bit random.  If you come across a photo that you think deserves a shout-out, be sure to leave a Like or comment in the thread where it was originally posted!

This column may be written by different editors from time to time which should ensure some variety in the selection.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

I have always had a weakness for shooting macro so I'll start out with this rose photo by Cee Cee from Australia. I found the photo in the Post Your Photos forum:

Little Joey"Little Joey" by Cee Cee - Pentax K-30, Tamron 90mm Macro

This photo stands out by being tightly cropped and shot on a blurred, dark background. Focus is spot on and depth of field controlled nicely.

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I have selected the second image for its composition and for its lighting and clarity and the impressive level of detail. This photos was shot by mcgregni from England with a legacy lens and teleconverter.  This underlines that you don't need the latest and greatest in gear. I also found this photo in the Post Your Photos forum.

Swanage Bay, Dorset, UK by mcgregni - Pentax K-7M 75-150mm F4 w/ Takumar-A 2x

And now for something entirely different. Rather than photographing a physical object, mattb123 from the US had part of his subject be created on the fly: it was painted with light! I can tell you— something this outstanding is difficult to achieve. Kudos to Matt and the family member who did the real job!

Painting with Light by mattb123

This image stands out through its focus on the subject and lighting; there is no distracting clutter. Matt's image was posted in the Weekly Photo Challenges forum and took second place that week.

We hope you liked the selection. It illustrates some of the great photographic talent we have here on PF! Thanks to Cee Cee, mcgregni and mattb123 for being active on the photographic side of the forum.

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