Editor's Photo Picks, May 2016

A selection of great photographs posted recently

By PF Staff in Columns on May 22, 2016

It's time for another round od Editor's picks. We want to show the diversity of good photography that is presented on PentaxForums. The below is but a tiny tiny selection of the many outstanding photographs from the past four weeks. We hope that it will inspire you to go out and shoot (some more) and also browse the many places on the forum where our users present their work.

We have picked four photos this time and present them in no particular order. Click any one of them for a larger version and to browse between them.

First up is a photo titled "Duality of Types" by user Geodude. We like the striking composition and the refelctions which brings this image to life. This image was originally posted here in the Post Your Photos forum.

"Duality of Types" by Geodude

Next up is a photo from user AlexBW who shot this staircase from an interesting angle. The colorful lighting of course helps make this image something special. We found this image here in the Post Your Photos forum.

"Staircase" by AlexBW

Our next pick is from the Mini Challenges, Games, and Photo Stories forum, subforum Reflections. User Scorpio71GR created  an excellent photograph reflecting the topic. The ripples in the water add excitement to the image. The original post is found here. The Mini Challenges and Games forum should not be overlooked; there is a great many excellent submissions in its various subsections.

"Reflections" by Scorpio71GR

Last but not least we present a well executed HDR image by user SimonWillig, titled "Sunrise at the Fields". It can be difficult to put HDR to good use, but in this photo the HDR technique really adds something special and unique. Here is the link to the original post in the Post Your Photos forum. This image is a combination of 5 captures post processed for HDR in Photoshop.

"Sunset at the Fields" by SimonWillig

We hope that you enjoyed our selection this month and that it will inspire you in your own work. By the way, a convinient way to browse the recent images in the Post Your Photos forum is through the randomly generated mosaic.




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