Photography Roundup - 8/22

Summary of photo news, the latest contests, and more

By K David in Columns on Aug 22, 2015

Omega Watch | LeDave

For most places, especially here in California, it's too dang hot to be outside. So that makes it a perfect time to be inside editing your summer photos. This week we're running a truncated article (we're pretty busy editing our own photos) but hope that you'll still find a lot to enjoy here.

Featured Deals

August is always slow for photography gear and deals. School is starting and everyone is too distracted by the new semester to buy new gear, unless you're in a photography class. One of the deals this week, the Ricoh WG-M1 bundle, we shared last week. I purchased that bundle and there was a lot in it. The SD cards were the required micro SD card and also came with standard SD adapters. There's an SD card reader that works well and quickly, but don't leave it in your USB port when you turn off your PC or your PC won't boot the next time you power on (you'll have to turn it off, remove the reader, and reboot.) The tripod is flimsy but is small and very light. The additional items are all things you probably have lying around your home already. It is definitely a great deal, though, especially for the SD cards and reader. Unfortunately, the deal does not include an extra battery, and that would have been ideal.

Pentax Forums Roundup

The Making of "Diversion", Official Monthly Contest #107 Winner

"Diversion" - July Photo Contest Winner

We just published our article looking at the making of "Diversion", the winner of Official monthly Photo Contest #107. Check it out and all the work that went into making the image. You can check out the other winners here.

Official Monthly Contest #108, Junk, Submission Phase

"Junk" Theme Image

There's still a little time to submit a photo for this month's theme: Junk. Find your best junk photo and submit it today!

Project 52-7-31 - Perspective - Wide-angle Everything

Perspective Theme Image | scomatic

Have you ever participated in Project 52? If not, it's worth giving a go. Project 52 requires that images be taken during the week of the contest. This is a great way to match yourself against some of Pentax Forums' best photographers. Project 52-7-31's theme is Perspective: Wide-angles.

Lens Sample Photo Archive

Have you ever wondered about a lens that you'd like to invest in? Have you wondered if it's good or bad, or what other photographers like you can do with it? Let's face it, lens sample shots from the manufacturers are all going to look great, even if the lens is a dog. But other photographers will share honest examples. Here at Pentax Forums, we have an entire sub-forum, the Lens Sample Photo Archive, dedicated to sample images from hundreds of different lenses. Check it out and buy your next lens wisely.

Good Reads

Summer is ending but not our reading list. Check out some of these articles about photography and other links to image collections.

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