Photography Roundup - 3/11

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By K David in Columns on Mar 11, 2015
Photography Roundup - 3/11

Jeweled Curtain | OzzRod

March continues to be an exciting month here on Pentax Forums. Between the T-shirt design thread and all the northern hemisphere-ers stepping past melting mounds of snow to photograph the first hints of spring, there's been a lot of activity this week on the Forums. Here are some of the highlights.

Pentax eBooks

Featured Deals

We were a bit shy on deals when we went to press. We did find two great ones, though. We also included some good links you can use whenever you'd like for clearance used items at Adorama and some deals resources.

Pentax Forums Contest Roundup

Monthly Contest 103: Mirror Image

Mirror Image Official Image | Ole

Monthly Contest 103's theme is Mirror Image. You can submit your photo here.

Monthly Contest 102: Moonscape (Nomination Phase)

Nominations for Monthly Contest 102 continue until March 15.  Comment on your favorite photos to nominate them as finalists. After March 15, the finalists will be announced with final voting for the Moonscape winner.

Post Processing Challenge 139

Post Processing Challenge 139 challenges users to improve an already-good image of the San Diego skyline at night. Here's the challenge.

San Diego from Cornado Ferry Landing | Glenn5995

Post your Photos

If you've never posted your photos in the Post Your Photos area, it's a great and collaborative place where your board peers can comment on your work. You can also provide feedback on theirs. Pentax Forums' Post Your Photos is one of the better venues on the Internet for improving your work. Here are two recent images that show how creatively our community can capture two similar images: a centrally framed, waist-up portrait:

Sandra the Retro Food Blogger | DonThomaso

Horizonist Live at Explosiv | wullemaha

Gear News

Kickstarter Stabilized Camera Gimbal

Kickstarter is a pretty neat place if you're looking for what's coming in photography. Here's a new piece of gear that caught our attention this week: Stabilized Camera Gimbal Vibration Isolator Mount. This device allows creative motion capture with significantly reduced vibration. That video shot you'd like to get driving to work? Use this to mount your DSLR on your car's hood. Having problems getting a stable shot on your camera slider? Use this mount to remove motion vibration.

Epson Supercolor P600

Pop Photo has a review of an exciting new Epson -- the Supercolor P600. Capable of prints with a dpi rating up to 5,760 X 1,440 (color and black), this printer can out-print most digital cameras image resolution. With a maximum paper size of 13 X 129 inches, the P600 can print a wide array of images in standard photo sized. Here's the complete review.

Photography News

Night Lights, Takehito Miyatake

Are you familiar with the work of Takehito Miyatake? Miyatake is an exceptionally gifted Japanese photographer whose work captures naturein beutiful, creative ways. Using compositions inspired by the Waka poetic form, Miyatake's work embodies the best aspects of Japanese image aesthetics. Here's a recent Time interview with Miyatake.

Featured Online Photography Resource

This week we feature The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE). TPE is a great resource for photographers looking to plan images with certain lighting. TPE, in fact, specializes in light. They have numerous resources available to photographers, including their sun and moon rise app. But that's not all they have. TPE also has an app bundle designed specifically for planning images. However, their newest apps are only on iTunes and are not available to Andoid users.

Featured Photography Journal

Dodho Online Photography Magazine, based in Barcelona, features photographers from around the world. The editors at Dodho have astounding taste in image quality and a dedication to displaying the work of the most talented emerging photographers.

Focused on modern photography, Dodho features diverse bodies of work that defy unified categorization. The result is one of the most stunning imagery diversities of any photographic journal, online or otherwise. The images features in Dodho will grab your attention, hold it, and inspire you to improve your own work.

Specilizes in: diverse bodies of work from highly gifted emerging photographers around the world.

Publication Frequency: Almost daily

Submission Fee: Free (to the best of our knowledge)

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