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By K David in Columns on May 17, 2015

Mafalda | Thomsa Ohlsson

This week has seen a lot of activity on Pentax Forums. There are some great gear deals going on and plenty of interesting articles, threads, and photo contests. Check out this week's roundup for some highlights of the weekly to-do!

Featured Deals

Check out this week's deals. The 645 deal is spectacular. For most of us, though, the two-pack SD card special is the clear winner this week. I picked up two 64GB SD cards. If, like me, you have a K-3 or plan to get a K-3 II, this is a great opportunity to boost your camera's storage.

Pentax Forums Roundup

Pentax Forums 2015 Shirts Enter Second Printing

The 2015 Pentax Forums shirts were stunningly popular. I picked up the white shirt with lens mount and it looks great. The shirt itself is a nice, comfortable cotton that's a great undershirt for work and comfortable way to show how great Pentax Forums is other times. If you missed the first printing, or love your 2015 shirt as much as I do, here's a link to the second printing.  A few new designs have also been added!

Fill the Frame Contest Voting

It's now time for us to vote and choose the overall winners of our April "Fill the Frame" photo contest!  Click here to vote.

Pentaxian Profile: Thomas Ohlsson

This week Pentax Forums profiles Pentaxian Thomas Ohlsson. Ohlsson is a working portrait photographer who channels creative vision into images that classic styling with contemporary aesthetics for photographs that at once feel brand new and timeless.

Weekly Challenge #324: Outlier and the (Un)familiar

This week's weekly challenge features images that themselves feature outsiders, strangers, or elements that seem not to below. Find your image that most celebrates the incongruous and enter today!

Gear News

Pentax D FA 150-450mm f/f-5.6 Now Shipping

Pentax's entrant into the long-throw zoom category is now shipping! Check out our user reviews for more information on the lens, and stay tuned for our first impressions.

Pentax K-3 II Coming Soon

The K-3 II should be hitting the shelves next week.  Pre-order yours today at B&H, or learn more.

Photography News

Dispatches from Nepal

Time sent photographer James Nachtwey to Nepal to report on the earthquake aftermath. Nachtwey's work conveys, as well as anyone's can, the devastation both to the village of Barpak and the people for whom it is home.

FILM Ferrania to Begin Production Shortly

Following a length asbestos-related delay, FILM Ferrania is set to begin producing film in about a month. Ferrania will be the newest entry into the slide film market. Ferrania has a long history of producing distinctive film with a unique set of image characteristics. For film users, this is exciting news.

Featured Online Photography Resource 

Ever wondered how different camera mounts are different? If you've used the Adaptist PK+MM on your camera, maybe you're struggling to find out why different makers' lenses do and don't work on your Pentax. Cornell has the most comprehensive list of camera mount register distances on the Internet. And it keeps increasing. And there are still some missing mounts.

This resource is also very useful if you want to use different lenses for macro photography on your Pentax. Knowing the register distance allows you to calculate magnification and light loss compensation.

Featured Photography Journal

LensCulture features photography from multiple genres. Predominantly portrait photography, other works that expand viewers intellectual horizons, explore cultures, and share a greater understanding of what it means to be human are accepted. To me, LensCulture is much like National Geographic, though I find the imagery in LensCulture to be more captivating.

Specializes in: portraiture, cultural, and artistic imagery

Publication Frequency: as often as daily

Submission Fee: $35, and the portfolio is judged as a whole.

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