Photography Roundup - 10/11

Summary of photo news, the latest contests, and more

By K David in Columns on Oct 11, 2015

Skate Shot | elpolodiablo

October, no matter where we sit in the world, brings a new season. In the north, we're finally starting to experience fall. In the south, winter is over. Regardless of where you call home, this is a great time of year to take photos. Check out the articles and shots we're sharing this week for some great inspiration.

Featured Deals

There are some exciting deals on Pentax gear and accessories this week. Here are some of the deals we've been following:

For users who shop Pentax in the US, B&H Photo and Adorama have re-opened this week after a two-week holiday break.

Pentax Forums Roundup

"Colorful" Theme Images

Official Monthly Contest #110, Colorful, Submissions

Official Monthly Photo Contest #110: Colorful is open for business! If you haven't taken any colorful images that you want to enter, this is the ideal season for it. And when you're happy with one of your colorful images, submit it here (or learn more about the contest).

Official Monthly Photo Contest #109, Night Time is the Right Time, Nominating

"Night Time is the Right Time" Theme Images

Official Monthly Photo Contest #109, Night Time is the Right Time, is now in the nomination stage. Head over to pick the after dark photos that go on to the voting phase.

Post-Processing Challenge #161: Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Post-processing Challenge #161 | atupdate

This week's post-processing challenge is pretty exciting. In fact, it's so exciting it even got Adam to show off his editing skills. So head over and see how your editing skills compare to some of the best Pentax Forums users.

Gear News

Ricoh GR II Premium Kit

Good Reads

There's a lot of good photography in our Good Reads section this week. We also found some articles with great tips about food and pet photography. We hope this helps improve your photography as well as inform and entertain you.

Interesting Kickstarter

Pakpod: Tripod with Ninja Feet

This week we look at an interesting Kickstarter for a light-duty tripod, the Pakpod: Tripod with Ninja Feet. Pakpod is a light, compact, and travel-friendly tripod suitable for small cameras (such as the Q). It can be affixed, staked, hung, or in other ways attached to places most tripods can't affix. It has a clever foot mechanism with a spiked 'toe' that articulates and swaps out for different tasks. The arm extension mechanism is also quite clever.

As always, Pentax Forusm neither endorses nor supports the Kickstarter product or createros we feature, nor do we have any relationship with them. We share these projects to keep out forum members abreast of cutting-edge photography gear development.

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