Photography Roundup - 9/22

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By K David in Columns on Sep 22, 2015

Photo by unkipunki

Well, what a boring week to be a Pentaxian, right? Of course not! We saw teaser photos of the forthcoming Pentax full frame and Pentax even revived an old domain for it: We've waited a long time for a full frame body that can optimize our FA Limited and legacy glass. It's good to know that in six or so months we'll have it. Meanwhile, we're looking for a volunteer to start a pool for the new body's name. Put me down for LX-D!  See the Pentax full frame teaser.

Featured Deals

This week we were overwhelmed with the full frame news, so Pentax deals are few and far between. With the full frame announcement, it seems that the stores think Pentaxians are socking away their pennies instead of putting them into new lenses and bodies. Jump on some of these deals and help prove the stores wrong!

Pentax Forums Roundup

Weekly Challenge #328 Theme Image | wissink

Official Monthly Contest #108, Junk, Finalist Voting

Official Monthly Photo Contest #108, Junk, is in the final voting stage. Check it out and vote for the "junkiest" photo!

Official Monthly Photo Contest #109, Night Time is the Right Time, Entries

Night Time is the Right Time Theme Images | K David

There's not much time to submit a photo for this month's Official Monthly Photo Contest. So find your best after dark image and see how it stacks up against the rest.

Fun fact about the black and white image, that was taken with a Pentax MG film camera, mounted with an SMC-M 50mm f/1.4 lens, and loaded with Fuji Neopan Acros 100.

Post Your Backlit Shots

Backlit Cottonwoods | mattb123

Did you know that Pentax Forums has theme images for almost every type of image you can take? You can check out the Mini-games, Challenges, and Photo Stories sub-forum for all kinds of photo posting games and themes. Here's a particularly interesting theme thread: Backlit shots.

Gear News

Not much really happened this week. We only found two news stories worth sharing.

Pentax Full Frame Teaser Image

Good Reads

We've been away for a while longer than usual, so the good reads have piled up. Now that summer is over and we have some added time to ourselves as fall settles in, it's a great time to take in some extra articles and informative reading.

Interesting Kickstarter


This weeks takes us back to an image stabilization project for videographers. SolidLUUV is an image and video stabilizer for cameras up to 500 grams (a restriction that limits it to cell phones, action cameras, and small compacts.)  It could pair well with your Pentax MX-1, WG-series body, or Optio.

As always, Pentax Forums has no connection to the product or developers. We do not endorse the product or developers and share interesting Kickstarter projects so our readers can remain current on cutting-edge photographic innovation.

Featured Online Photography Resource 

Instructables is full of fantastic information about photography. The articles there are great for helping photographers become more self-sustaining. Here's one example: How to Replace Film Camera Light Seals. Or, you can just search for broad terms, like "Camera", and be amazed at how many different articles are out there.

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