Tell us About Your Photo, Lauri Koivuluoma

Ephemeral Finnish Landscape

By K David in Columns on Jan 18, 2017
Tell us About Your Photo, Lauri Koivuluoma

Each month we pick a forum photographer with a stand-apart image in a non-contest thread. This article will allow the photographer to tell us a bit about their photo and themselves, providing a larger context to the image.

Stickl posted the first K-1 photo we've selected for this series, a fantastic shot capturing soft, morning light and fog moving through an evergreen forest in the thread Post your K-1 pictures. Thank you, Lauri, for taking part in this ongoing series and for this fantastic example of Pentaxian nature and landscape.

Ephemeral Finnish Landscape (click to enlarge) | Stickl

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Where did you take the photo?

In Iso-Syöte, Finland, which is a local ski resort. 

What inspired you to take this photo?

I have always been inspired by light, which isn't hard like daylight sun but something other where you can see different tones and a softness. That was one thing and the other was the fact that you are able to take that kind of photos from that place if you are there at right time!

Did you plan your shoot ahead of time?

I did a bit planning before shooting, basic things like checking the weather and finding the exact place to take those photos from.

At the site, how did you set up for this shot?

I just waited for the right moment. I went there before the sunrise so I had to wait sun to come up and things like that, and then just took photos with different lenses and a bit different places.

Were there any challenges or unexpected events?

Nothing, all went exactly same as I hoped before the shoot and I got good photos.

What camera and lens did you use?

This photo was taken with the new Pentax K-1 and DA* 60-250mm F4.

Did you use any accessories (tripods, lighting, etc)?

I didn't; I just took the photo hand-held and that's it.

Do you shoot raw or jpeg? If the latter, what settings do you use?

I always shoot raw in every situation and have been doing that way the whole time I have had a DSLR.

What post-processing did you use?

I used Lightroom, which is the best in my opinion since I want to be able to do basic things quickly.

How long have you been taking photographs?

I have been taking photographs six years for now, mostly landscapes and nature, but lately I have been shooting weddings and other events.

Where can people find you on the web?

My forum username is Stickl. I have a couple other places where you can find me on the web and social media: here are my homepage and blog. Finally you can find me on Instagram as well.



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