In Pictures: Pentax Full-Frame DSLR Mockup

By PF Staff in CP+ 2015 on Feb 12, 2015

A mockup of the upcoming Pentax full frame DSLR was ceremoniously unveiled at CP Plus 2015.  While its physical appearance is still subject to change, even this early preview revealed some new things about the camera that were not apparent in the press release:

  • Similar button layout to the Pentax K-3
  • 1 additional button above the traditional RAW/Fx button
  • Very large tilting LCD screen
  • Large grip for comfortable handling
  • Retro prism housing design without built-in flash

In our interview with Ricoh Imaging representatives, we also learned that the full-frame will most likely lack the old-fashioned aperture coupler, meaning that M and K manual lenses will still require stop-down metering.

We are fairly confident that the Pentax full frame DSLR will feature sensor-shift Shake Reduction.  The SR mechanism may also be used in an innovative way to increase the effective level of detail.

The megapixel count of this camera has yet to be announced, but we suspect that it will follow industry trends for enthusiast full frame bodies.

Pentax Full Frame Photos

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