2015 Pentax Lens Roadmaps

3 new full-frame lenses and 4 other lenses on the horizon

By PF Staff in CP+ 2015 on Feb 14, 2015

Three D FA full-frame zoom lenses have appeared on the latest incarnation of the Pentax K-mount lens roadmap.  The lenses appear to have focal lengths as follows:

  • 24-70mm
  • 28-105mm
  • 16-30mm

If history repeats itself, the "large diameter" lenses will both sport F2.8 maximum apertures.

A DA wide-angle zoom with a focal length of roughly 12-28mm has also been carried over from the previous road map.

Note that the published roadmaps do not necessarily include all lenses planned to be released in the near future.  For example, the recently-announced HD Pentax-DA 18-50mm was never roadmapped.  The indicated lens designations and focal lengths are also subject to change.

No changes have been made to the Pentax 645 lens roadmap.  There are still two zoom lenses on the horizon; they will likely be modernized replacements for the FA 45-85mm and FA 80-160mm lenses.

Similarly, the only Q-mount lens currently on the roadmap is a telephoto macro:

Follow the links below to view the full lens roadmaps released in February, 2015:




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