Pentax K-1 Hands-On Demo Videos

A look at features, AF sounds, and SR effectiveness

By PF Staff in CP+ 2016 on Mar 1, 2016
Pentax K-1 Hands-On Demo Videos

While at CP+ 2016, we had the opportunity to test various aspects of the Pentax K-1 hands-on.  A Ricoh representative also showed us a few key features of this new Pentax full frame camera:

The exhibitors prepared a special rig to showcase the effectiveness of SR II.  Let the results speak for themselves:

Finally, in response to user requests, we tested the K-1's AF noise with a screwdrive lens:

It sounds like the K-1 features the more powerful AF motor first launched in the Pentax K-3.  This results in slightly noisier AF with screwdrive lenses, but also substantially improves focusing speed.  The longer the focus throw, the larger the benefit of the faster motor.

See our 2016 CP+ Pentax interview for more Q&A's pertaining to the K-1 full frame, or learn all about it in the press release.

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