Ricoh Theta S and WG-M2 Hands-On Demo

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By PF Staff in CP+ 2016 on Feb 29, 2016
Ricoh Theta S and WG-M2 Hands-On Demo

The Ricoh Theta family of spherical cameras is leading the way in 360-degree imaging.  At the push of a button, the Theta captures everything around you.  The resulting images or videos are viewable interactively and can even be shared online.  Below is a demonstration of the latest model, the Ricoh Theta S, which features twice the resolution of earlier models:

We are currently the process of reviewing a production model of the Theta S.  Our initial impressions are positive; beyond its improved image quality, the Theta S is also much easier to hold thanks to a marginally larger body and a rubber-like exterior lining that prevents the camera from slipping out of your grasp.

Learn more about about what the Theta can do in our full Theta m15 review.

Also on display at CP+ was the Ricoh WG-M2, the latest WG-series outdoor action camera.  The WG-M2 is the first Pentax or Ricoh product to feature 4K video support.

Other highlights of the WG-M2 include a lightweight design, reduced form factor, and 204-degree field of view.  A number of optional mounting accessories allow you to secure the WG-M2 wherever your adventures may take you.

Learn more about the WG-M2 in the press release.

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