Pentax Booth in Pictures: Part 2

Displays of everything from Pentax and Ricoh

By PF Staff in CP+ 2017 on Mar 1, 2017
Pentax Booth in Pictures: Part 2

The 2017 CP+ camera show has now closed its doors, and we've reported on the new items on display at the Pentax booth and conducted our annual CP+ interview.  But what about the rest of the exciting products on display? 

Let's take a look at pictures of everything from Pentax and Ricoh at this year's CP+.

Theta Gallery

The Theta system (Theta SC and Theta S) dominated the CP+ Pentax booth this year.  The Theta has enjoyed exceptional popularity worldwide and has become one of Ricoh Imaging's best-selling cameras.

This doesn't come as a surprise— virtual reality and 360-degree imaging go hand-in-hand, and both have been gaining quite a bit of traction in the past years.  Stay tuned for a hands-on review of the Theta SC traveling across Europe!

Pentax 645Z

The iconic medium format Pentax 645Z as well as the complete 645 lens system was on display next to other Pentax product lines.

Pentax Q-S1

Although Ricoh Imaging representatives have revealed that the Pentax Q system is currently on hold from a development standpoint, the Pentax Q-S1 and the 8-lens Q system are still in production and were thus on display.

Note that while the Q system continues to be available for purchase, its presence will be very limited outside of Japan until a new direction for the system is established.

The Q line struggled to gain popularity mainly because its small form factor faced stark competition from smartphones, which are even more portable and aren't far removed in terms of image quality.

Pentax K-3, K-70 and APS-C Lenses

While the new Pentax KP dominated the APS-C displays, the Pentax K-3 II flagship and premium entry-level K-70 also made an appearance, along with the full line of Pentax APS-C lenses.

Per our interview with Ricoh Imaging, a new APS-C flagship will succeed the K-3 II, but not in the immediate future.


While we expect an update to the Ricoh GR II later this year, there were no hits about this at the show.  The current compact lineup consisting of the Ricoh WG-M2 action cam, Ricoh WG-40w, and Ricoh G800 industrial camera were available for visitors to play with.

Binoculars and Scopes

Each show brings with it some oddball displays, and CP+ 2017 was no exception.  Pentax set up a high-magnification telescope, presumably based on the DA 560mm lens.

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