Pentax K-3 with Free 50mm F1.8 + Grip + 32Gb Card

A limited-time deal at B&H

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Feb 26, 2014

One amazing deal is back at B&H, and you won't find it anywhere else!  For a limited time only you can get a Pentax K-3 DSLR, DA 50mm F1.8 lens, genuine D-BG5 Grip, and a Sandisk 32Gb memory card all for the price of just the camera body.  The total value of the free bundled accessories is $441.85, but this bundle is very limited in quantity.

Don't miss out before this offer is gone: order your K-3 with free extras now!

This free accessory bundle is also available with the Pentax K-3 18-135mm kit.

For more information on the Pentax K-3 and the bundled accessories, please visit our in-depth reviews, lens database, and accessory database.

Pentax K-01 for $249: All-time Low!

Excellent image quality at a bargain price

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Apr 9, 2013

Adorama has just dropped the price of the Pentax K-01 black and yellow bodies to just $249!  On top of this, the cameras include free shipping as well as 2% back in coupon rewards.

Last November, Pentax USA dropped the price of the K-01 to $346, down from $599 amidst very slow sales.  Since then, the official price dropped to $316 and later $299.  This new low price, however, isn't going to last and to the best of our knowledge it is an Adorama exclusive.  The K-01 has officially been discontinued as of last month.

Originally launched in early 2012, the Pentax K-01 was the first mirrorless camera to natively support a DSLR lens lineup.  Even though it boasts excellent image quality (and at this price, it is unmatched), the K-01 received mixed reviews due to its design and lack of a viewfinder.  Combined with its high initial price of $749, this led to low popularity among photographers.

For more information on the K-01, including a comprehensive evaluation of its image quality and autofocus, check out our in-depth K-01 review.

It has been a long time since we posted a deal, but this one is almost too good to be true.  We hope you take advatage of it!

Big Savings on Pentax FA Limited Lenses (USA)

$250 mail-in rebate on the FA 31mm, 43mm and 77mm

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Mar 11, 2013

For those of you who have been waiting for savings on the Pentax FA Limited lenses in the US, those savings are finally here!  You can now save $250 on the FA 31mm F1.8, 43mm F1.9, and 77mm F1.8 for a total savings of up to $750 with the purchase of a K-5 IIs between today and March 31, 2013.

Black Friday Pentax Lens & Flash Deals (2014)

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 28, 2014

The time has finally come— the biggest US Pentax lens sale is here!  From November 27th until December 1st (Black Friday Weekend + Cyber Monday), you can secure big savings on nearly ever lens in the current Pentax lineup.  The discounted prices listed in this post are at the two biggest authorized Pentax dealers in the country, so you can shop with confidence and enjoy perks such as gift card rewards and free expedited shipping.

Some of the hottest deals this year include $300 off the DA 20-40mm lens (see below) as well as record-low prices on HD Limiteds and substantial savings on Star lenses.  Also, be sure not to miss the great Pentax camera deals!

Several rock-bottom lens prices prices (listed below) are also available exclusively through the Pentax Web Store, though note that additional tax and shipping charges will apply, and the Pentax Web Store only ships to US customers.

The full list of deals follows after the break.  But first, here's a quick FAQ for those new to Pentax and for our international users:

What if I'm not in the US?

Both B&H and Adorama offer international shipping, though extra customs charges may apply based on your order size on where you live.  Given the size of the current promotional rebates, your final cost may still end up being lower than at your local retailer. Proceed to checkout for an international shipping quote.

How can the prices be so low?

The US Pentax distributor (Ricoh Imaging Americas), like most other camera brands, normally enforces a unilateral pricing policy that prevents authorized dealers for selling products for less than a set price.  This policy is lifted during promotional periods, thus allowing retailers to sell at more competitive prices.  Thus, prices can be lower at one retailer than the other. Full US warranty is still included on all items.

Additional Perks

Remember that shopping at B&H and Adorama using the links below entitles you to free Marketplace Access on our forum.  This will allow you to list your old equipment for sale for free.

Promotional Period

All Pentax Black Friday deals expire on Monday, December 1st at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Note that B&H will not accept online orders between 4:30PM on November 28th and 5:45PM on November 29th.

Pentax Camera Price Drops - November

Save $100 or more on the Pentax K-30, K-01, and Q

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 1, 2012

Pentax has dropped the price on the Pentax K-01 mirrorless, Pentax Q mirrorless, and Pentax K-30 DSLR cameras by $200, $150, and $50, respectively.  The new prices are tabulated below:

New Price

Old Price


Pentax Q

w/5-15mm Lens

$349.95 $499.95 $150

Pentax Q

w/5-15mm and 8.5mm

$499.95 $649.95 $150
Pentax K-01 Body $349.95 $549.95 $200

Pentax K-01

w/40mm Lens

$449.95 $649.95 $200

Pentax K-01

w/18-55mm and 50-200mm

$599.95 $699.95 $200
Pentax K-30 Body $749.95 $799.95 $50

Pentax K-30 Body

w/18-55mm Lens

$799.95 $849.95 $50

Pentax K-30

w/18-55mm and 50-200mm

$949.95 $999.99 $50


1-K01_B_B_a0_ax.jpg q1.jpg smc_Pentax-DA_40_2_8_XS.jpg

All these prices are the new MAP for authorized Pentax retailers.

For more information about these cameras, check out our in-depth reviews:

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