Black Friday Pentax Lens Deals (2018)

Nearly every Pentax lens is on sale

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 23, 2018

Welcome to our roundup of US Black Friday Pentax deals!  This year, nearly every lens in the current Pentax lineup has gotten a discount.  This includes not only genuine Pentax, but also third-party lenses. 

Deals in the table below either have a 10% or greater discount, or reflect the year's lowest prices.  Prices are current as of Friday morning but subject to change. To view more detailed and information, including which lenses are not on sale, please visit the deal finder.

Overall, this is shaping up to be on of the biggest Pentax sales we have observed in recent years.  Unfortunately, direct promotion of these savings by retailers is another story.

Black Friday Pentax Camera Deals (2018)

Hefty savings on top bodies

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 23, 2018

If you've been waiting for a "wow" moment when it comes to Pentax camera deals, this year's Black Friday sale certainly delivers.  Exclusively at Adorama, the Pentax KP is on sale for $200 off, or just $697, and bundled together with a free 18-55mm kit lens.  This addition pushes the effective price of the camera— which delivers the best image quality in the current APS-C lineup— into the mid-$500 territory.  Prior to the sale, the KP retailed for $897.

There are also specials on both the Pentax K-1 (final stock) and K-1 II, as per the table below, but in comparison, they lack the up-front discount that is offered by the KP kit.  Still, given the relative rarity of deals on the K-1, we believe they are not to be overlooked.

If you're looking for a wider range of options, then see the Pentax Black Friday 2018 lens specials.

Pentax KP Body
Deal: $400 off, free 18-55mm lens

$697 @ Adorama

$697 @ Adorama

(store exclusive)

Pentax K-1 w/28-105mm
Deal: $400 off, free grip

$1897 @ Adorama

$1799 @ Pentax
(no grip included)

Pentax K-1 II Body
Deal: free grip

$1897 @ B&H Photo

$1897 @ Adorama
Ricoh GR II
Deal: $100 off, closeout

$497 @ Adorama

Be sure to also check the price watch forum for the latest Black Friday deals spotted by the community!  Finally, keep in mind that purchases at our partner retailers may entitle you to a free forum account upgrade.

To learn more about each camera, visit our in-depth reviews.

Pentax K-1 Black Friday Deal

Free 28-105mm lens, battery grip, and accessories

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 23, 2018

We have spotted a special Black Friday deal on the Pentax K-1 28-105mm kit at Adorama. The bundle, which appears to be exclusive at the moment, includes:

Click here to order your Pentax K-1 today!

After factoring in the value of the free accessories, the K-1 is yours for just under $1250— the lowest effective cost we've observed to date.

These are the last remaining K-1 units in stock, as the camera has been replaced by the K-1 II.  Pentax K-1 body-only kits have already sol dout, so we expect these kits to sell out quickly.

Learn more about the acclaimed Pentax K-1 in our in-depth review.

D FA* 50mm F1.4 - Exclusive Black Friday Rebate

Save $200 off this ultra-sharp lens

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 23, 2018

The HD Pentax-D FA* 50mm F1.4— one of the best primes we've ever tested— has gotten a very nice Black Friday rebate in the US.  The lens is available at $997 after a $200 instant rebate.

Order your D FA* 50mm while this deal lasts:

To learn more about this stellar full-frame lens, visit our in-depth review.

Be sure to check the price watch forum and deal finder for the latest Black Friday deals!  We will be doing our best to identify and share the juciest deals throughout the holiday sale period.

Pentax KP Black Friday Sale: $696

Lowest price ever; $200 off

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 22, 2018

An amazing Black Friday deal has just gone live on the Pentax KP.  Get yours in either black or silver for just $696.96— the lowest US price ever!  This is a $200 discount below the previous selling price and $400 below the camera's launch price.  You also get a free lens!

The deal is currently exclusively available at three retailers, with Adorama offering a free lens as well.

Learn more about the Pentax KP in our in-depth review.  Also, be sure to check the price watch forum and deal finder for the latest Black Friday deals! PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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