Pentax Q $50 instant rebate = $699

Q now $100 below launch price

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Dec 31, 2011

Pentax has just launched an additional $50 instant rebate on the Pentax Q, lowering its price to $699 in the US.  The rebate will take effect on January 1st, 2012 for both the black and the white versions of the Q at Adorama

Update: the rebate is showing up at B&H photo and Amazon as well, which is selling the camera for $669!

For more information on the Q, please read our Pentax Q Review.

New Sigma 17-50mm for Pentax

No optical stabilization = cheaper price?

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Dec 5, 2011

Sigma has recently announced a new version of the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM for Pentax (and Sony) which will only differ from the old version in that the Optical Stabilization (OS) module has been removed.  Since all current Pentax DSLRs feature in-body Shake Reduction, the OS system was more or less redundant, as it's certainly not better than in-body SR at short focal lengths.

Thus, we expect the price of this lens (which is currently $669) to fall slightly once the new version is released.  The new version will be marketed as "Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC HSM" and will be optically-identical to the current version.

For more information on the performance of the Sigma 17-50mm, have a look at our Pentax 16-50mm vs Sigma and Tamron 17-50mm shootout!

"Cyber Tuesday" For Pentaxians

K-5 $999 deal carrying over!

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 29, 2011

We've gotten word from B&H Photo that the $999 Pentax K-5 deal has been extended until the end of Tuesday! As B&H was a bit late to join in with this price, this is certainly welcome news.

Two other discounts have been posted on two popular Sigma lenses for Pentax:

Please stay tuned to our Price Watch Forum for further deals!

Pentax K-5 for $999

Special Cyber Moday Deal - Includes Shipping!

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 27, 2011

We have gotten word that a special Cyber Monday deal will be available for the Pentax K-5, bringing its price down to $999.95, shipped, this Monday (November 28th) for the body-only.

We have confirmed that the K-5 will be offered at this price at Adorama,, and B&H Photo.  We invite you to track and share further deals on the forum.

See also our Black Friday deals post, as most of them are still valid until Monday.  Happy shopping!

No New Products: Instead, Great Deals!

Save big on Pentax during Black Friday Week (for once)

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 22, 2011

The last few months have been very slow for Pentax and the Pentax community.  Apart from the launch of the mildly-disappointing Pentax Q, there has been no major product news, and no new items for the K-mount (DSLR) linuep have been announced. The community waits in anticipation of rumors, let alone an official statement, about what the future might hold.

Despite this stagnation, we have some good news for you for Black Friday week and the upcoming holiday season: prices on many Pentax lenses have fallen, and most items that have been on back-order over the past months are now once again readily available, including the legendary 31mm F1.8 limited lens and the M42 to K mount lens adapter!  We don't normally see price drops this big on Pentax lenses, so this is some very exciting news!  On the other hand, this was the least Pentax could do.  Among other deals is $100 off the Pentax DA* 16-50mm.

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