December US Pentax Camera & Lens Deals

Year's lowest prices on dozens of items

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Dec 18, 2017
December US Pentax Camera & Lens Deals

Pentax is deliveing some amazing deals just in time for the holidays!  Dozens of cameras and lenses currently have hefty discounts, and most are also the lowest prices of the year.  Details can be found in the tables below.   Some deals expire at the end of the day on December 19th, most  others expire at the end of December.


In addition to hefty Theta savings, the Pentax KP currently has a large instant rebate.  The 645Z is also available on Amazon at an amazing price through an authorized dealer.

If you are an Amazon Prime cardholder, you can also get 20% off the Pentax K-1 for a final price of just $1520.  A similar offer is available for the KP.

Pentax Lenses

Instant rebates on genuine Pentax lenses span all lens types, including both basic and premium APS-C, 645, and full-frame lenses.

Third-party Lenses

While the selection of Third-party lens deals has narrowed since Black Friday, you can still score the year's lowest prices on a handful of lenses.

For the latest Pentax deals, stop by our deal finder or visit the price watch forum!

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