Black Friday Pentax Camera Deals (2015)

All-time low prices on Pentax DSLRs

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 27, 2015

Great deals on Pentax DSLRs are here this Black Friday— and most of these prices are the lowest that we have seen to date. The price drops themselves are nowhere near as dramatic as we have seen in the past, as everyday Pentax camera prices have been quite low this whole year.  Without further ado, let's take a look at the best Pentax DSLR deals in the US!

Pentax K-3 II: $749 at B&H Photo

The Pentax K-3 II flagship has dropped to $749 from its previous selling price of $819.  This represents a $100 price drop compared to October's price at B&H.

New features in the K-3 II include pixel-shift super resolution and built-in GPS on top of the already great performance of the original Pentax K-3 (the K-3 II has no on-board flash, however).

Order your Pentax K-3 II | Read the in-depth review

Pentax K-3: $649 at Adorama w/ free lens and flash

If you're looking for top-tier image quality and handling at a competitive price, you cannot go wrong with the Pentax K-3.  Adorama is currently offering the body along with a free DA 50mm F1.8 lens and a AF 200FG flash (freebie value $161.99).

Order your Pentax K-3 | Read the in-depth review

Pentax K-50 + DA L 18-55mm WR: $249 at Samy's

Thanks to an exclusive $100 mail-in rebate, Samy's camera has an unbeatable deal on the Pentax K-50 weather-sealed kit.  The K-50 is a powerful DSLR with many advanced features at an entry-level price.

Order your Pentax K-50 | Read the in-depth review

Pentax K-S1 + DA L 18-55mm: $179 at Samy's

This Pentax K-S1 kit screams "value" thanks once again to Samy's $100 mail-in rebate.  The K-S1 is a stylish entry-level DSLR with the new 20.2-megapixel sensor.

Order your Pentax K-S1 | Read the in-depth review

Pentax 645Z: $6996 at Adorama / B&H

It's rare for professional cameras to see discounts, but photographers considering the Pentax 645Z medium-format flagship are in luck!  This 51-megapixel behemoth has recently been permanently reduced from $8499 to $6999.

Order your Pentax 645Z at Adorama / at B&H | Read the in-depth review

2-Year Warranty Extension: $17.96 at Adorama / B&H

Customers located in the US can take advantage of a unique offer from Pentax: this 2-year warranty extension increases the manufacturer's coverage to 3 years and includes one free cleaning/inspection. 

Conditions: Must be purchased within 30 days of your camera (as indicated on the camera's sales receipt).  Camera must be purchased from an authorized dealer.  Camera may be purchased from a different retailer than the warranty.  No registration necessary.  No transferals.

Order the extended warranty at Adorama / at B&H

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