Pentax eBook Independence Day Sale

4th of July Special

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Jul 4, 2016

As a 4th of July special, we're running a sale on Yvon Bourque's Pentax eBooks this week!

Get the Pentax K-1 eBook for just $15.99, or the K-3, K-5, K-50, or K-S2 eBooks for $10.99— 20% off the regular price.  After you complete checkout, you'll get instant download access through the forum.

Order your Pentax eBook here

Whether you're a new user or a seasoned shooter, Yvon's eBooks will help you master your camera and push its capabilities to the limit!  This sale will end on Friday, July 8th.

eBook Samples

All downloads are in the PDF format.  Grab a sample below:

Pentax K-1 eBook Cover

Be sure to visit the forum if you have any questions about your camera or the eBooks themselves, and stop by our in-depth camera reviews, which contain recommended settings and other tips and tricks!

The majority of each purchase helps support the author, a now-retired Pentax enthusiast who has been shooting with Pentax since the early film era.  Yvon plans to continue helping users with future Pentax models through his literature.

If you purchase two or more eBooks, please contact us and you will be entitled to complimentary 3-month access to the Marketplace section of the forum.

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